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Written by Zac Johnson
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With more and more web sites and blogs getting the axe from Google Adsense, it means there going to be a lot of people looking for new ways to make money with their blogs and traffic. Besides creating your own products and selling your own ad space, writing sponsored reviews is an excellent way to make money with a blog.

Social Spark is one of the top choices for when it comes to finding high paying and quality names and brands that are looking to gain exposure and quality reviews from blogs around the internet. The difference between Social Spark and other blog review networks out there, is that Social Spark is run by Izea and they have massive reach and can pull in high end advertisers that are willing to pay a lot of money for exposure on your blog.

Who is Advertising through Social Spark Reviews?

You may be asking yourself, what type of high end companies are actually buying review services through Social Spark. Many of them you will already know, such as… American Greetings, AT&T, Disney, Samsung, Kraft, GoDaddy and more. There are actually two open reviews in my account right now from the Fellows and Scotts brands, which are both well known and high end.

How Much Can You Earn with Sponsored Reviews?

What’s great about taking sponsored reviews through Social Spark is that you can actually negotiate with the advertiser. Many advertisers will contact you directly to advertise on your blog, but if they pay isn’t high enough, you can then “negotiate” a new deal. The advertiser will usually get back to you, as they are looking to get exposure for their brands and bring in new customers.

Payments range anywhere from a few dollars, all the way up to $500 per post if you are accepted as a premium network blog!

How Do Advertisers Find My Blog?

Once you sign up for Social Spark and add your web sites and blogs, you will then be in their directory of sites that the advertisers can see. You will also be asked to sync up your Google Analytics so the advertisers can see and verify your traffic. The more traffic and higher ranking your blog, the higher payouts you can expect to receive. In the end, the advertisers and brands are looking for quality sources to gain incoming links, build relationships with readers/customers and create brand awareness.

All the Other Good Stuff…

There is a lot to be said about sponsored reviews and blogging, but Social Spark already has all of that covered. When the FTC and news came out that blogs would have to offer full disclosure on “paid reviews”, Izea was extremely happy because they already had all of this in place. This is another reason why they can attract such high paying advertisers and well known brands.

Bloggers… What You Need to Know!

As mentioned, with Google Adsense wiping out accounts and taking your funds with them, many bloggers are looking for new ways to make money with their sites. Choosing to use a network like Social Spark will open up new revenue paths that will pay you on a much higher CPM and placement rate than Adsense ever will.

It’s all about building authority blogs and web sites that rank well and provide quality content for your readers. As a blogger you wouldn’t want to accept every sponsored review that comes along, but only those you are interested in and are relevant to your blog.

Jon Social Spark and see what offers are available for you and your site.

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31 Replies to “Make Money with Sponsored Reviews”

  1. This is an interesting looking business model and I can see it definitely has a lot of potential. The one thing that doesn't appeal to me about it though is giving access to my Google analytics account and then allowing direct publishing.

    1. This could be seen as a concern, but I haven't had any problems with it. You can also request to have posts manually uploaded if you are pushing volume or need full control. The Analytics is just another feature that brings in the high quality advertisers and rates.

  2. Great post Zac, I've had people starting to email me in regards to this for a few sites. Looks like they received quite a hit. Good tips for newer people though, or just people with free time in general!
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    1. It's a great alternative to programs like Adsense, especially if your site is in a niche that they have a lot of advertisers for.

  3. Hi Zac,

    Really useful service, I think "Social Spark" is win-win for both advertiser and publisher. As advertiser can first confirm the value and quality of any blog and then publisher can negotiate as per his/her expectation. This seems certainly a great way to make huge earning. It's certainly a fair game and both parties will be benefited.
    My recent post ecommerce Website Design Development Services

    1. Publishers will like the higher payouts for one time reviews. Advertisers will like the ability to view sites stats and know quality sites are doing their reviews.

  4. An awesome post Zac. You are right that Google has started banning Adsense accounts for no reasons. Recently my friend's account got banned. I will surely pass this post onto him so that he can make a hell lot of money then he used to with Google Adsense.

    All and all, a very great post. Keep us updated with such new ways of making money. Thanks !!!!
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  5. Nice sharing and i think this is the best source to expend your business in market and when you will prove yourself in market then business will come to you more easily.
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  6. Sponsored reviews are quite effective as an alternative source of income. But then giving my Google Adsense account can be quite risky and could subject it to fraud.

    1. Hello Zac. It looks like these guys got you Big Dogs to rep them this week. Or they're got some great affiliate offers going, because I read a similar post on John Chows blog.

      I don't like these guys because they pay little and the offers are not really attractive to me.

      Do you use them? I know I haven't read the post but thought Id weigh in with my 2Cents.
      My recent post Blacklist: Optin App

      1. I've ran several of their offers, but I have a premier account with them. I am usually contacted the with latest and most relevant offers. I recently added a pet related site to their network and have been seeing new advertisers in this niche as well.

  7. I'm all for taking power away from the 'evil empire' and Social Spark sounds promising in that respect. But how can a little guy get noticed in this directory when it's likely already crammed with the big hitters?

    I'm gonna check it out though, so thanks!
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    1. It all comes down to the type of traffic and site you have. Obviously some markets will be more saturated then others. The health and beauty blogs look like they are getting a lot of advertisers through Social Spark lately.

  8. Social spark seems like an interesting service to become a part of. You submit your blog or site for free and earn the potential to make up to $500 per post. These sponsored reviews look like a great alternative to Google Adsense, thanks for sharing Zac.
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    1. The rates will vary heavily, but you do get the choice to approve/deny and negotiate the rates they are offering. One or two of these reviews a month could make well more than Google Adsense is for many sites.

  9. Hi socialspark is something new for me, I think this is one of the easy way to connect with advertisers thank you so much for the great info…

    1. Social Spark does all of the advertiser work for you, you just need to supply the sites and write the content. A win-win situation.

  10. Thanks for the advice, I’m going to test this out for my website
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  11. I have not earnt a penny with SocialSpark sincde they moved to the new version. Do you remember version 1.0? I earnt a lot wih that version. 🙁
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    1. They might be focusing on high brands and different markets now. I would like to see them bring back the open market place, or make it easier to connect with advertisers. I will talk to them about how to increase overall volume.

    2. The new SocialSpark 2.0 is much more likely to attract advertisers with traffic than old version, some questions:

      Did you setup your 10 tags for your blog (these are important), did you setup Google Analytics for your blog in SocialSpark, did you set it up to allow direct publishing (you can just create an author account and give SocialSpark access, don't need to do an Admin account in WordPress).

      How many leads do you get per month average?

      At first I wasn't seeing as many opps, but now earn way more not only per post but more leads and direct offers than on SocialSpark 1.0 for me.
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    1. No, this was just a regular post that I wrote about their network and how people can make money with their blogs using sponsored posts.
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  12. SocialSpark by far is my most successful blog earning platform for sponsored reviews, I have made thousands of dollar since 2008 from SocialSpark alone and it is my top recommended company for sponsored blog reviews, all reviews have nofollow links and full disclosure. Quality advertisers and decent payout rates, plus they don't just want blogs with high PageRank (since all links are nofollow) they care more about blogs with traffic and those that reach the audience the advertisers want.

  13. Nice information you had here and I think joining in paid review sites is a better alternative for looking online jobs and also develop your talent in writing unique constructive content.
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