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Right when you see the name, you think or want to say “TATOO“, but it’s pronounced “Tat-Toe“. However, it’s not just the name that makes Tatto Media unique and stand out from other affiliate programs… but that it’s a network built from successful internet markets, it’s run off it’s own tracking system and it doesn’t have thousands of offers that usually just clutter things up. Let’s take a closer look at how you can start earning more with Tatto Media.

What is Tatto Media?
As mentioned, it’s an affiliate network… but it’s also a full ad serving company. Whether you have a web site with a lot of traffic and need a rotation of banner ads, or looking to advertise across Tatto’s network of thousands of partner publisher sites, there is an ad solution for you. The Tatto affiliate program just went live recently, but the company has been around for some time now. When you get to their web site, there’s really only three option; Advertisers, Publishers and Affiliates.

Why Tatto Media is Different than Other Networks?
In just the short amount of time that I’ve been working with Mike Cataldo (Head of Affiliate Relations) at Tatto, I’ve been very happy with the response and fast action. Right when I was accepted, I looked over their offers and mentioned a few that I could do volume on. Instantly Mike went ahead and gave me a better rate, then went even further and upped me even more the next day after talking with the advertiser directly. It’s things like this that make a BIG difference to affiliates… not rewards programs or having a gazillion offers.

Tatto Media Offers, Reporting & Payments
The mixture of offers running on Tatto are offers you’ve seen on other networks, with a few exclusive offers you don’t usually come across. The difference is, most of what is listed on the network are decent offer, with the low quality/converting offers removed. After doing a quick “public rate” comparison of Tattoo offers vs other networks, most were in the higher/mid-range area. These numbers are usually not of value, as you can always get a better rate with volume, and so far I’ve been happy with Tatto’s response at doing this.

Its always nice to work with a quality network that isn’t run off DirectTrack. Tatto has their own network setup, which has always been fast for me and loads charts and stats quickly too. The system is built with capabilities to pull reports in almost any sort of way, up to the minute stats reporting and daily/monthly charts when you login. API, Demographic data and sub-id tracking is also available.

If you are still getting checks once a month from your affiliate network, that’s a thing of the past. Many networks are recognizing the importance of paying affiliates faster and how they want to be paid. Tatto pays out weekly, and pays through check, paypal or wire transfer.

Give Tatto Media a Run
You can only say so much about an affiliate network… the concept behind an “affiliate network” is so vague and generic. You really need to signup, test the offers and talk to the people behind the scenes to see the difference and put things into motion.

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  1. I like how Tatto breaks down my stats for me by hour and CTR. It really helps me optimize campaigns and make most $$$.

  2. I will check it out and see how it works, hmmm… there seems to have quite a lot of small affiliate network gaining nowadays.

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  3. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-108664" rel="nofollow">@Roseli A. Bakar:

    Yes, they accept international. Just fixed the link. Thanks.

  4. Sounds interesting will check it out

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  5. Nice name, great wordplay. It is funny how the human mind associated words and concepts even with deliberate misspellings. A tattoo is an indelible expression and let’s see if Tatto Media leaves an indelible impression on the world of the internet.

  6. Yet another affiliate network?

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  8. i want it to be a little more bigger then the pic and with the same colour.

    How much money would it be????

  9. DON'T trust these guys! WEEKLY PAYMENTS – THAT'S REAL FUNNY. I am waiting for my payment for the past 6 weeks, my account manager Tyler hardly ever answers my emails. MY ADVICE IS TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

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