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If you take a look at the Top All-Time Viewed Videos on YouTube, you’ll see some of them have over 60 MILLION views, which is quite insane. The number #1 video is "Evolution of Dance", with nearly 68 million views, and the #2 video is "Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend" with 64 million views. The difference between the two? One is making money themselves and Google and the other isn’t. YouTube can only make money (or place advertisements) on videos that are officially licensed or uploaded by one of their agencies/partners, which is why you will see ad banners on the "Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend", which is owned/uploaded by RCA Records. However if you look back at the "Evolution of Dance" video, you will not see any ads. The screenshot below is showing the Microsoft Zune being advertised on the "Avril Levigne – Girlfriend" video, which of course is earning both YouTube and the content provider revenue.

So what does this mean for you? Up until now, YouTube has only had 100 "YouTube Partners" which they have been testing advertising methods on and actually sharing this revenue with the video creators. YouTube is now opening their "YouTube Partners" program to everyone! To cash in on your creativity, you can visit their YouTube Partners site and fill out their application on why your videos should be earning revenue on YouTube. Right now YouTube is accepting applications from anyone located within the United States and Canada. A few video contributors have already been earning money off their videos in the YouTube beta program, you can view their videos and posted advertisements through their personal YouTube pages, which are tayzonday, hotforwords, apauledtv, and peteandbrian. You can also view all of YouTube current content partners here.

As everyone already knows, video is HOT right now… and as more people are pouring money and ad dollars into it, it will only get HOTTER. If you are not in video, you will miss out on the next big revenue stream. Producing quality video is not that hard, Jim Kural has been preaching this for over a year now and will start producing his own daily show using the FlipVideo camera, which only costs around $189. You do not need to focus on spending a lot of money for a high quality camera or a production studio, you just need to offer quality content. Take a look at some of the Top All-Time Viewed Videos on YouTube, before the recording artists got in, almost all of them were fun amateur videos… and everyone loved them!

YouTube Partners has not released any information on how much the "content partner" will earn on videos, but I’m sure it will definitely be worth the time spent to make them. Just think back to when Google Adsense started, and how much people are still relying off those ad dollars today. YouTube Video is huge and it will stay that way, with ad dollars starting to pour in at every corner, it will only continue to grow. Are you going to cash in on the next big money maker, or watch as everyone else gets rich?!

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  1. This is huge! I knew YouTube would open up a way to monetize video and now here it is. Time for everyone to turn on those creative juices and start producing (videos and cash flow). How perfectly timely that my wife got me a HandyCam for Christmas!

  2. This is really cool. Someone needs to make a blog post on "10 ways to make a viral video"

    1. Make a fool of yourself

    2. Blow something up

    3. Cry about people making fun of your favorite pop star

    4. …..

    1. lol, you mean someone needs to make a Video Tutorial on how to do that $1k experiment lol 😉

  3. I'm sure this will be very lucrative for a lot of people, but I find Revver much easier to get started with.


  4. I am a youtube partner. It is all coming into place.

    Peole are now able to sign up for adsense, then you can go into providers and

    get my videos in the Google AdSense YouTube Video Units category and choose various players or single videos of ours and embed them on your site and people can make money just by doing that and putting my videos on their websites.

    I plan on being one of the first YouTube Gazillionaires in 2008.

    Please contact me at my partners space.


  5. Youtube partner videos are a great idea however a huge mystery. Show me the money!

    We've been a partner with many different videos of varying popularity and we have yet to see a penny. One video has over 6000 views already which according to the metacafe model should have generated at least $30.00 see

    I've looked at blogs, help discussion boards and all I ever found was that back in May of 2008, people started earning significantly less money with youtube partner videos.

    Does anyone have any more experience actually earning any cash from this program?

    Slow Down and Fast – Independent film – 30 days, no food or shelter on a water only fast in the woods.

  6. hey guys i'm a youtube partner, i'm not very famous like 300 subscribers but… i realy don't know how i make money but i'm pretty sure its from the advertisements and you get your money through adsense. its really confusing and stuff. but yeah if you click on them, you'll get even more

  7. First of all, I just came across your blog and found it so informative that I could not resist myself from commenting on it! You’re really doing a great job man, thank you and keep posting. I’ve subscribed to your RSS-feed, and will be doing so for a long, long time.

    Secondly, I’m already making a few dollars on YouTube myself. For some strange reason, I got an e-mail from YouTube telling me that I was eligible to become one of those ‘partners’. I became one, and I’m making nearly $90 each month now. I love YouTube!

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