I’m not here to pimp out affiliate programs and sell you any products or get rich quick schemes. I’m here to tell you what I’ve made money with, what works and where you can get started. This page is dedicated to all my favorite affiliate programs and other sites where I make a nice chunk of change. You can be sure that all the companies listed on this page have a clean track record and payment is never an issue. Check stubs are blurred out in some areas for obvious security/information purposes.

  • NeverBlueAds
    I’ve already mentioned how happy I am with this company on the blog already. I love working with these guys because they are here to work with you personally. You are assigned your own affiliate manager and the admin area and stat tracking are excellent. No matter what type of site you run, you can easily grab some offers that will convert well with your traffic. In addition to an amazing selection of CPA offers, you will find they are also most competitive in commission rates as well.
    Yes, they pay! Here’s the proof:

  • Text Link Ads
    I’ve used these guys as an advertiser and will soon use them as an affiliate as well. Through Text Link Ads you’ll be able to sell ad space on your site. Text Link Ads takes a 50% cut, but they will also be providing you with nearly all of your advertisers. Instead of having to recruit advertisers on your own, or just based off your site traffic, you will be listed in their massive directory of all sites. Advertisers can search out the sites they are looking to advertise on, pay Text Link Ads, then you receive a check at the end of the month. If you would like to promote your site, you can also visit the link and receive a $100 coupon towards your first $125+ ad buy. (use coupon code “starter kit”)
    Yes, they pay! Here’s the proof:
    Received… just need to scan and upload!

  • Casale Media
    If you run a web site and are looking to fill some banner advertising in, I highly recommend Casale Media. Instead of advertising on a CPA basis, Casale Media will buy your inventory on a CPM basis. I’ve been running Casale Media for years and they have always supplied quality advertisements and payments always sent on time. Publishers are paid 70% of the revenue received from all advertising campaigns served on their websites through the network, which is an industry high! Lastly, Casale Media is a bit tough on who they accept into the network. If they don’t accept you the first time, ask what you can do to meet their requirements and/or apply again in a couple months.
    Yes, they pay! Here’s the proof:

  • ValueClick Media
    Formerly known as FastClick, ValueClick Media is the same type of company as Casale Media. Publishers are paid 60% of revenue from all advertising campaigns. Payments are always sent on time and ValueClick is one of the largest marketing companies online, so you shouldn’t have to ever worry about their future. I’ve been with FastClick/ValueClick Media even longer than Casale Media, so I highly recommend ValueClick Media as well. If you are not accepted into Casale Media, you will have a much better chance with ValueClick Media as they seem to be more accepting of sites as of lately.
    Yes, they pay! Here’s the proof:

  • AdBrite

    AdBrite is like a combination of Google Adsense and Casale Media/ValueClick Media. Through AdBrite you can run contextual advertising, banner advertising and interstitial advertising. I have been using AdBrite for quite some time across my network of sites. They have a nice setup for stats tracking and payment is always sent on time. AdBrite’s latest additions were video and picture advertising. You can now have your own video player (embedded with your own logo), which will show an advertisement at the end of the video. You can also use their BritePic service to display image advertising on your site!
    Yes, they pay! Here’s the proof:

  • Google Adsense
    Almost everyone making money online with a blog or text listing is already running Google Adsense. This program is great because it will sync right up with the content on your site and deliver related advertisements that your site visitors might actually want to see. Another reason why Adsense is so great is because you can play with the ad specs and make it blend in with your site and content. Many different sizes/formats are available and the color schemes are endless. Google does not disclose the revenue split between itself and publishers, but plenty of us still main nice coin! Payments are sent out monthly by check or direct deposit.
    Yes, they pay! Here’s the proof:

  • Yahoo Publisher Network
    YPN is much like Google Adsense… only much harder to get into! In addition to being in beta and not accepting most applications, most have found that YPN displays much higher paying advertisements than Google Adsense, yet not as targeted. A company with the size and reputation of Yahoo should have no problems with payments, and they haven’t… payment has always been on time. You can also request payment by check or direct deposit. They even send out some nice holiday gifts sometimes too!
    Yes, they pay! Here’s the proof:

  • AzoogleAds

    I haven’t been using AzoogleAds as much lately, but I sure have used them a lot over the past couple of years. AzoogleAds has a massive selection of CPA type offers and are one of the leaders in the cpa marketplace. Something else that is really cool about AzoogleAds is that they reward their affiliates each month! Depending on how much you earn during a month, you will receive a certain amount of points. If you meet their minimums you can get free gift cards each month. Incentives rock, and so has my experience with AzoogleAds.

    Yes, they pay! Here’s the proof:

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