Make More Money with NeverBlueAds & their Cellfish SMS Max Payouts

Years ago, the rush for promoting cell phone ring tones started. Millions of dollars were made, then over the past years the market died off for most promoters, as competition and new marketing terms/effects came into play… but it is still making a ton of money today. The most recent hot campaigns to come around, are the same concept, but targeted towards horoscopes, celebrity gossip and finding your true love… all on your cell phone! Of course we have all seen the banner ads all over myspace and many well known entertainment sites. Why do we continually see them all over? Easy… it’s because they work and are making so many people killer money!

I was talking with my good friend Tina the other day from NeverBlueAds, and she let me know that they just closed an amazing deal with CellFish Media, one of the best and largest cell phone offer providers around. NeverBlueAds is now the exclusive provider of Cellfish SMS offers. What does this mean for you? Higher payouts and better creative offered from NeverBlueAds.

Three Great Offers and Landing Pages to Choose From!

Here are their three main offers that are run exclusively through NeverBlue Ads.

3645 – – Payout: $9.00 / sale
Converts: Converts on a PIN submit.
Promotions Allowed: Downloadable Software, Paid Search, Email, Web
Preview Link

3736 – – Payout: $9.00 / sale
Converts: Converts on a PIN submit.
Promotions Allowed: Downloadable Software, Paid Search, Web
Preview Link

3457 – – Payout: $9.00 / sale
Converts: Converts on a PIN submit.
Promotions Allowed: Downloadable Software, Paid Search, Email, Web
Preview Link

All offers are not incentivizable, and can only be targeted towards the US.

NeverBlueAds is currently paying $2-$3 dollars above the competition for other SMS offers, and if you can provide volume, let me know and I can negotiate an even higher commission rate for you.

Want even more stats on why you should be promoting the new CellFish offers from NeverBlueAds? Here are some of their internal stats on the offers:

– CellFish is the ONLY provider that carries T-Mobile as a carrier.
– Though most of the major ringtone providers have temporarily stopped accepting Sprint, Nextel as carriers due to the regulations in place, Cellfish isn’t really affected due to high level compliance in the industry.
– Most of the affiliates who have tested the offers are all Social Media and contextual network related.

If you’re already promoting these offers and making a killing… sorry 🙂 If not… then you should be.

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    1. You can place banner ads across networks like MySpace, or get text links on SocialMedia. Out side of ad networks and social media, you can also broker direct deals with game and video web sites… it’s all relative traffic that can convert, and is somewhat cheap.

    2. Another great place to buy traffic is AdBrite (or BlackLabelAds for adult) as you can find some really cheap traffic that also does not convert to bad.

    1. Not true… With a good quality score and some nice long-tail keywords you can easily make a profit on Adwords.

  1. I absolutely HATED these offers. They tricked me into those subscription plans and I guess that's why they're able to give out $/sale . I know I was just careless, but that's usually how everyone is and that is how companies like this make money.


    1. All the information is listed on the landing pages. Although questionable in tactics, it's your own fault.

  2. I think it's amazing how many people here think ringtones is dead or a waste of time to promote anymore…Even with all the changes that is going on with SMS, I'm still making a killing in it.

    People need to quit believing everything they hear and just try this stuff for themselves…Oh and also, I have 3 students right now that I started all of them in ringtones and they are all making a profit now in the niche…

    Keep believing everything you guys are told…doesn't hurt me one bit! 😛

    In fact, it helps me!

    1. I know it's not dead… it's just left to the people that continually try and thrive at pushing it. It's dead for anyone who just throws stuff up and it doesn't stick within 24 hours.

  3. It is very clear that consumers are driven by promotions in the physical world to use the mobile device as a RESPONSE MECHANISM TO INTERACT WITH BRANDS!

    At, we continue to see Mobile Response rates higher than 15% when Brands run radio, TV and traditional advertising with their Mobile Tag like 'Text BMW to 95613 for More Information".

    The increase of Mobile Tagging, where marketers add their brands’ Keyword and Short Code (like 'BMW to 95613 for More Information") onto their brochures, collateral and marketing outreach, is similar to the use of URL tagging which happened at the onset of the Internet.

    All the best – Scott

    Scott Kline

  4. I think a lot of people who have worked with ringtones know the deal with trying to run adwords for them… The market is obviously packed right now so all you need to do is find cheaper traffic. That really is not hard when you have people selling 125×125 ad spaces for $10/mo on DP lol

  5. the price per click and the network quality should be exceptional in this case or otherwise you'll get fried.

    any info about conversions in this niche?

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