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Jonathan Volk has been extremely successful in the affiliate marketing game, and also for making a name for himself. After starting his blog just a few years ago, he has already passed 30,000 RSS subscribers and already launched two successful programs…. that’s in addition to earning millions of dollars a year through affiliate marketing! Jon is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

The following is my interview with Jonathan Volk from my Six Figure Affiliate Blogging ebook. You can download the full ebook for free at, which includes over 130 pages of content and interviews with 25 highly successful affiliates and bloggers.

Interview with Jonathan Volk

1.) Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Jonathan Volk. I’m a “super affiliate”, blogger, speaker and online entrepreneur. I have been blogging about internet marketing and making money online over at since 2007. I just recently launched two projects: My Free Affiliate Marketing Guide and my complete guide to advertising on Facebook.

You can read more about me over at

2.) When did you start blogging and how did you first get into it?

I started blogging back in 2005ish on a blog that no longer exists. It was in 2007 that I decided to blog about my journey to making money online and that is when I started I have now been blogging for over 3 years, and am loving it. Blogging is one of the parts of my business that is not as profitable as the other areas, but I enjoy it too much to not have it be a part of my business.

3.) When starting your blog, did you ever expect it to grow to where it is today?

Not at all. Really it was just for fun. It was not until it started to grow to 1000+ RSS readers that I began to realize the potential.

4.) You’ve now established yourself as one of the top affiliate bloggers. What advice do you have for others looking to bring their blog to their top of their niche?

When I first started blogging, I didn’t take the blog seriously. Sure I would blog regularly but I didn’t treat the blog like my other projects. I highly recommend, if you’re going to blog, that you research some of the blog tip websites like,, and In order for you to really take your blog to it’s full potential, you need to utilize the resources that are out there.

5.) After successfully launching your Affiliate Marketing 101 guide and Facebook Ads Guide, do you feel either of these products would have had the same success if you weren’t an established blogger and voice in this niche?

I believe a huge reason these products are a success is because I have been able to build a solid following over 3 years. Now, when I launch anything, I have instant access to tell tens of thousands of people who are interested in making money online.

5.) How have you incorporated affiliate marketing into your blog?

I use affiliate marketing to make money with my affiliate marketing blog. When there is a product or service that I like I usually make a post or two about it with my affiliate links. This has allowed me to earn a nice blog income – the single biggest source of income from my blog.

6.) In your opinion, what is the single best way to monetize a blog?

I would say there is no “best” way, only what’s best for you. Some of the ways that I think work best are to use affiliate marketing, sell ads directly, or create your own product.

7.) What would you recommend for a new blogger, that wants to create their own brand or presence in blogging?

If you want to make a blog for more than just a hobby, you should focus your efforts on learning how to build a good blog. This includes installing an email capture, setting up your RSS on feedburner, blogging regularly, making guest posts, etc. Like I mentioned above, check out the blogs about blogging so you can learn how to be the best blogger there is right from the start.

My wife blogs over at She has taken blogging seriously and with my guidance from the things I have learned about blogging, she has been able to build quite a blog following in under a year.

8.) Any recommended blogs or resources for bloggers looking to bring their blog to the next level?

Mentioned above. 😉

9.) Do you have any big announcements or upcoming projects you’d like to tell us about?

I am going to be launching my own coaching forum shortly for Facebook Advertising. This is a service that will go along side my guide to advertising on facebook. I’m really excited about it as it’s going to the be the first forum of it’s kind. 🙂 (check out Facebook Ads Guide)

* If you enjoyed this interview, be sure to download my free 130 page guide to “Six Figure Affiliate Blogging“.

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  1. I love all the advice he gave for beginner bloggers like myself. I think I'll go check out those blog tip sites. I go to his blog daily, so this was a really fun interview to read.

  2. This was a very interesting interview and there were some really worthwhile questions asked….and answered. Thank you 🙂

  3. You have a great interview.

    Jonathan is great. He had a simple start "Really it was just for fun". Which is still in my mind. But he's now on top and dominating search engines.


  4. Ive always wanted interview someone like johnathan,they had motivation and experience that always make other people brainstorm once their speak they mind .

  5. When I read these stories, I always wonder, when they FIRST started blogging, and were NOT making money from blogging, what did they blog about? Just a thought. – David Hillhouse – Mississippi

  6. It is particularly impressive the way you make money through Facebook… I think it is still an untapped gold mine!

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