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Over the past couple of weeks I have been testing a lot with PPC advertising and it has been fun and very frustrating at the same time. For the most part it has been a lot of testing and creating of campaigns and new landing pages. One of the most important things to work on, while doing a PPC campaign is getting the users to click on the offer once you have them on your landing page. Since you are no longer allowed to send traffic right to an advertiser’s landing page, you need to create your own… or even your own mini-sites full of content, to get past Google’s Quality Score ranking. If you comply and make a great site and have an established domain, you will actually end up saving yourself a lot of money per click, as Google will see your site as providing some value, instead of just another arbitrage site.

So far I have been testing a few offers through NeverblueAds. I was focusing on one certain campaign for a while. The first test I ended up spending around $60, and made $30. (Net loss of $30)… I clearly needed to work on my click numbers as less than 20% of my traffic was clicking over to the landing page. I had setup a few more landing pages and was able to finally get around 80%+ of the traffic to click on the link, bringing them to the advertiser landing page. Unfortunately I was still losing money on this campaign, even with the high click rate. I made another landing page and worked on the PPC amounts and the campaign is now profitable.

I’m really excited now, because the same day this campaign went profitable, I had set up a couple other campaigns and one of them is producing earnings in the 75-100% area. Meaning if I spend $50 on PPC, the campaign makes $100. When you come across a gem campaign that really works, it’s crucial that you work on getting and testing on as much volume as possible. I was first focusing on Google, but now setting up some campaigns now on MSN and Yahoo.

As mentioned earlier, PPC is pretty much new to me and as I have heard from many… just keep testing! Since coming back from Affiliate Summit and talking to some of the PPC masters making big bucks, I have been dedicated to doing the same, and promised myself I would master this market. Last month I was able to earn in excess of $7,000 with NeverblueAds, just off my general network sites traffic. Now with the addition of PPC marketing, my target is at least $30,000 with them next month. If you are not already in the PPC market, signup to NeverBlueAds and start testing with their offers. They have some really great offers and amazing rates. I’ll keep you updated on my PPC success!

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  1. Hi Zac,

    wow man you are a fast mover, you just got your ebooks and started campigns… thanks buddy for kicking my butt..



      1. Thanks Bro,

        I got accepted for neverblueads, just going through some of their offers.

        When asked who reffered you I could proudly say Zac.

        Well lets keep in touch and make some MO.


  2. Hi zac! i love your blog dude. Im new to affiliate marketing and would like to know which of these ppc resources would work best for a newbie……wealthy affiliate VS Perry marshal VS google cash ?

    keep up the awesome blogging!

  3. I'm very new to the PPC world. Why can't you direct link to affiliate sites from your ad?

  4. You can link directly to a merchant page with an affiliate link in adwords. What made you think that you couldn't?

  5. In the article Zac says, "Since you are no longer allowed to send traffic right to an advertiser’s landing page, you need to create your own… or even your own mini-sites full of content, to get past Google’s Quality Score ranking."

  6. I'm just getting into this and trying to understand the process. Say you got into an affiliate program like NeverBlueAds, would you browse their list of offers, pick one that seems promising, set up a page around it filled with quality content to help get search engine traffic and then Keep the pump even more traffic to it using a google adwords campaign.

    How do you do your research on picking what to push.

    Do you buy a domain and launch a site, use some online service to host the page, or just put it on one of your existing domains?

    There are so many variables involved in making this profitable. What kind of sneaky things do all those PPC masters do to be successful?

    1. Instead of "browsing offers", I would search for offers in markets I know about. At least, that's how I do it as a newbie. It's easier to keep yourself motivated if you like what you're promoting.

  7. What puzzles me is how fast you (Zac) can put up a new campaign. I mean, do you outsource copywriting for your websites? Putting up a PPC campaign isn't that hard… if you already got a handful of websites with good content. But putting up those sites, keeping them updated regularly with useful content, SEO them, building links and all can take a lot of time.

    Any tips on how to tap into a market for which you don't already have a website?

    1. PPC is pretty quickest way to generate income. the most important is key terms choice. we should have to choose the key terms effectively with low rivalry & high queries.
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  8. Once you have enough experience, I don't think it's too hard to set up new campaigns. You get a feel for what works and what doesn't, and you can re-create it often.

    I'd like to hear more about NeverBlueAds, and may be giving them a try myself. Thanks for letting us know Zac.

  9. I have wondered about promoting CPA offers as well. How does one build a content page or small site around an offer in such a short amount of time? Also, what kind of keyword list size would we be dealing with for these small campaigns? 10,000+ words? Obviously the campaigns that are set up aren't yet tested, so you wouldn't want to put in lots of time until it had proven itself first.

    I like the idea of making these small landing pages/sites if it does indeed work. Does the Google Quality Score factor in against these smaller sites making it more difficult to keep keywords active?

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