March 2008 Blog Revenue Report

March is over and April was kicked off with a bang… which was everyone’s own version of an April Fools Day joke or at least a Rick Roll or two. Getting back to making money, March was a full month with 31 days, so there was no excuses this month to fall short on revenue projections. During March, this blog also celebrated it’s one year anniversary! With a year under it’s belt, the blog just continues to grow in size and readership, and I thank you all! Let’s take a look at how the blog’s revenue performed during March 2008, compared to February’s earnings of $3,246.98 profit.


– Affiliate Sales/Referrals: $1293.5
– Private Ad Sales: $1400.00
– Get Reviewed: $600.00
– ScratchBack Top Spots: $170.03
Total Revenue: $3,463.53

During March I had no ad costs, and the server costs are minimal since the blog is hosted on my own rack over servers.
Total Costs: $0.00

Total Blog Income for March 2008: $3,463.53

There was a slight drop in affiliate sales, but also a slight increase in private ad sales. There weren’t any big ScratchBack promotions going on during March, so the volume of advertisers was about half of February’s earnings. Lately there has been a high demand for advertising on the blog, so instead of placing advertisements all over, a new category called “Get Reviewed” has been added. This area will cover any advertised reviews on other ad networks, affiliate programs or blogs. All paid reviews will have full disclosure and I turn the majority of reviews down, do not expect this blog to become anything like paid review site.

This blog just keeps growing in size and I still have so much more to write up for you guys. Hopefully with the addition of my Twitter and FaceBook networking, I can start talking with my readers more and getting some ideas for new blogs. Speaking of new blog ideas, I would also like to start producing more video blog posts as well. The first three months since turning this blog profitable have been very close in revenue and exciting, can’t wait to see how April turns out!

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  1. Its a good income figure Zac 🙂 Do you have any ad system setup for selling private ads or do the sales privately?

  2. Thats a great income.

    please share some tips for affiliate programs. which is the best ?

  3. just joined and added you to my facebook page good work on the blog i'm trying to decide how to monetize my blog right now. i hate the idea of adsense, gotta find something better

  4. Great looking stats Zac. BTW, you run your own servers?? How much does it cost to keep it up?


  5. That's quite nice income. I hope I'll be able to get there some day. But there's still a long way ahead of me 😉 My webmaster blog is only two months old but I got really big plans with it 🙂

  6. Congrats for the great achievement. I’m a new comer here. I like your blog. I’m sure you could get greater achievement on coming months…

  7. Zac, Congrads on the income. I think the private ad sales is awesome. Most people do not try that route and I think they're missing out. Ok back to my site redesign project.

  8. Amazing,you made it!!I want to achieve it also,i give myself one month to achieve.How long do you achieve it?

  9. You are inspiring me to make money like you. I am going to be trying to monetize my new blog soon once I get a better pagerank

  10. Hello

    At the moment i still learning how to make good income from internet, searching for great tips and advice to help me successful.

    I found your articles very help me to get an idea about how to make money online.

    Thanks once again.

    JBiggs 🙂

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