Mark Cuban Speaking at BlogWorld

Written by Zac Johnson
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I love basketball and I love internet marketing… so when I got an email this morning about Mark Cuban giving the closing keynote at BlogWorld, I was pretty excited. Mark Cuban was fortunate enough to sell his company to Yahoo for a ton of cash and stock right at the top of the dot com bubble. He then went on to buy the Dallas Mavericks basketball team with his fortunes and is a billionaire today. Mark is also well known for saying his mind, racking up the most fines as an NBA owner, was a recently on "Dancing with the Stars", and of course his own personal blog. I can’t wait till I rack up another $900 million and can buy my own team! 🙂

There is still time to register for BlogWorld, but it starts next week in Las Vegas. I will be there along with John Chow, Jim Kukral and many other great bloggers and internet marketers. I look forward to seeing you there!

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2 Replies to “Mark Cuban Speaking at BlogWorld”

  1. I love basketball (excited about Celtics triple threat) but not sure I love Internet marketing (have not made any money). I have read Mark's blog. Sometimes controversial but always entertaining. Hope you have a good time at BlogWorld!

  2. Mark Cuban is the man. You gotta love an owner that loves his team that much. I wish all the team owner's were like that.

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