Mark Zuckerberg is Making Flippa Users Rich

Mark Zuckerberg is at it again… he’s making people rich! But this time it’s not through Facebook or even what he’s currently working on. This time it’s about what he’s done in the past!

This is the second time Zuckerberg has worked on a web site several years back, only to let the domain expire and be picked up by some else. I guess if I was worth a few billion dollars I wouldn’t care about any domains except either.

So what’s going? How are others making money off Mark and his old domains.

Did you see “The Social Network” movie? Remember the FaceMash web site that Mark originally created and it viral like crazy. Everyone on campus wanted to get on the web site and start rating their fellow college students. The domain for the site was, but was actually the draft of what would soon become

Mark let the domain expire a few years back, someone ended up acquiring, then just a few months ago someone listed it on Flippa where it sold for a sweet $30,000!

It looks like the cycle is happening again. This time it’s for the domain name that Zuckerberg worked with while he was at Harvard. The site is and is currently listed on Flippa for $5k with no bids.

Lots of people are familiar with the domain due to the success of “The Social Network” movie, but I don’t see the same glamor and attention for StreetFax, however many web sites and news outlets are still covering the story and listing at Flippa.

The bottom line is, everything Mark Zuckerberg touches turns to gold… even if he has lost his grip, or ownership of the project.

Even more exciting than the residual flow of wealth that comes from Mark Zuckerberg, is the ability for others to take action on grabbing these domains and trying to flip them for quick profit.

Will lightning strike twice for another domain related to Mark Zuckerberg and life before Facebook… or will this one just fizzle out?


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  1. Mark Zuckerberg surely knows how to make business. I wonder if he will be the next Bill Gates.

    1. You do realize that most of Mark's success is because of BillyG in the first place, right? William's purchase of a portion of Facebook is what gave the social site it's evaluation of more than a billion dollars.
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  2. The whole world seems to be losing their mind whenever celebrity is involved!!

  3. Wow! Funny news. Makes me want to go out and do some research for domains myself. I am sure it's not just Mark who's neglected to renew his domains. Quick domain profits – here I come 😉

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  4. Haven't seen “The Social Network” yet… 🙁 Facebook got me impressed with Mark Zuckerberg but I think his neglected domains only sold at a huge amount because of his "celebrity status".
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  6. The gold rush for domain hunting has long been started and many are still laughing until now all the way to the bank. And many will enter this bandwagon including me.
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  7. That's inspiring.
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  8. These guys are all thieves! Bill Gates, Mark, and even the great Apple has stolen all their ideas and basic concepts from others. Companies like Xerox invented everything that apple and Microsoft have used to make billions. The Palo-Alto research facility is really where all their ideas came from. And DOS? Picked up by Billy for a steal when it was CPM. Of-course we all know Mark stole Facebook as well.

    I'm not complaining, I know business is cut-throat and nice guys finish last. I just want to point out that none of these cats are really business "INVENTORS" , they are marketers who can take a good idea that's not theirs and market it. None of them invented anything, even the iPod is a stolen idea.

    Welcome to capitalism!

    1. Good to see that you understood that.
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  9. Very interesting. I'm really interested how this guy's mind is working. I want to peer inside it some time, if that's even possible. LOL.

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