Market Leverage Knows How To Market Themselves

Written by Zac Johnson
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Once again, Market Leverage has gone above and beyond what is expected from an affiliate marketing company. Yesterday I received an unexpected Fedex package, only to find it was a real care package from the Market Leverage affiliate network. I’ve worked with Market Leverage for a few years now, but first met up with Debby Banning at Affiliate Summit West. Since then we have talked frequently over email and I look forward to working with their network a lot more. As for the gift package… it was awesome! Most affiliate networks or companies will send you a gift package which is loaded up with mouse pads, clothes and hats with their company logo on it… which I imagine most people just stuff in the closet. Market Leverage went way beyond the traditional gift care package by sending the following:

[revver 852149]

The Ultimate Care Package sent by Market Leverage

– A plaque in Memory of Rocky
– USB Pen, Flight Travel Pillow & Kit, Sailing Clock
– Flip Ultra Camera with Accessories (Tripod & Travel Case)
– MarketLevege Hat, Polo Shirt (Nike), Fleece Jacket and Blanket

The dedication that was put together to make this care package was awesome. I’ve received a lot of gifts from companies, but the Rocky plaque and the Flip camera are just amazing.

If you haven’t already, signup to the Market Leverage affiliate network. They just recently designed their site and it is looking great. In addition to a great site design and an amazing staff, they really do have ad campaigns that can make you some big money. I highly recommend using Market Leverage and I’ve been an affiliate with them for years now!

– Become a Market Leverage Affiliate.

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31 Replies to “Market Leverage Knows How To Market Themselves”

  1. Damn these things keep popping up everywhere. That’s a good looking package right der!

  2. That is really damn cool. They’re thinking outside the box, which is great. More companies should do that.

    I’ve decided not to hate on them for their t-shirt shenanigans after seeing this lol.

    1. Definitely, I was very surprised. I thought they might be mind readers too… because I was looking to get a Flip Ultra Series this week too!

  3. This isn’t a “omg, I’m jealous, I want free stuff” kind of comment (even though I am jealous :P)…but, am I the only one who is NOT impressed at all with all of these goodie packages that ML passed out yesterday? I’ve seen 5 or so bloggers show off what they received from ML, and most of them haven’t even done business with ML, they’re just in the network. Maybe it’s just me, but this stuff rarely impresses me, and it’s even worse when a company obviously unloads on big name bloggers. Think they treat “regular” affiliates that way? Nope, so unless you have a blog, this shouldn’t improve your image of ML at all.

    1. Of course they don’t treat regular affiliates that way – every super affiliate session I’ve attended (3 so far) said you have to go above & beyond to woo the super affiliates. Obviously they figured out how to really get their attention.

      I know the feeling though – I felt like I was practically the only person that was less than impressed with their t-shirt shenanigans and taking group shots in various super affiliate & affiliate industry t-shirts for obvious linkbait. Just irritated me, perhaps for the same reason this may irritate you.

      Meh… it’s a double edged sword.

  4. Man, I understand wanting to “bribe” the big name blogs, some of which are “super affiliates” and to give the gifts to the blogs with decent traffic as it can only be good advertising but all us normal little guys feel left out lol. I recently joined Market Leverage and from my initial conversations they do seem to be pretty cool and I am excited to try them out. But then coming and seeing everyone else getting all this cool stuff, well, just makes me feel left out lol. I want a damn flip cam package! I’ll write plenty of cool schwag post and push the network as well but don’t even fell like I show up on anything but the “plain xmas card” list lol.

    It’s just like how all the big celebs and movie stars get tons of free crap when they are the last ones that need handouts. Of course we all know it’s just promotion but there is something to be said of taking care of the little guys who will then be 10x as appreciative of the gift packs and probably garner more and longer term loyalty.

    Or just send gifts to only the big boys who will mention it just until the next company comes along with even cooler toys heheh.

    Yeah, I’m jealous.

    Grats Zac πŸ˜‰

    1. I received a package in the mail and had no idea what it was. I made the video because it was that good of a package and wanted to show my appreciated. They asked for nothing.

  5. I miss Rocky πŸ™ and that care package really is something. It is good to see that some companies actually care about their clients


  6. Zac,

    Thank you for being a long-time publisher of MarketLeverage. πŸ™‚
    Did you take the video with the Flip? I am glad to see that you didn’t wear your mask for the video! HA! πŸ™‚

    If there is anything you need contact Erick Bright or I and we will take good care of you!


  7. That’s an awesome package.

    And you know, jealousy aside, super affiliates get perks for a reason… and that’s because they bring in business like no others. I’m sure you deserve every package you get!


  8. Now THAT’s how you treat your affiliates. Sort of makes those plastic cups and gel keyboards I’ve gotten from Yahoo look like crap. LOL And ya see how that works… now they’re getting tons of great free exposure on your site just for being thoughtful. I hope other affiliate networks are watching. I’ll have to check Market Leverage out.

  9. I’ll be checking out market leverage… I wouldn’t mind some hats and mousepads!

  10. Congrats man, those stuffs look cool.

    why not we people get such gifts 😑 πŸ˜†

  11. @ Chetan- We'd love to work with you! Have you submitted an application? Please e-mail me at if you have any questions.

    @Syed- Just checked out your blog and love the contest idea, that's great! We're going to be starting a MarketLeverage blog soon too, so make sure you check it out! Until then, there's always MLTV.

    @Lisa- Let me know if you have any questions!

    @MM and Polly- I do think we have an extra hat or two lying around.,,,Tell your publisher manager I said you can have one!

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