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In the movie Field of Dreams, whispers through the field told us that if we build it, they will come. If you’ve spent any time at all trying to attract an audience and make money online, you assuredly know that reality is hardly so simple. Even if the thing you build is the greatest thing ever, no one is going to know about it unless you have powerful channels to tell them about it. So, how do you get there?

More often than not, this all starts with the concept of creating content and showing off your expertise. At the same time, you also need to be providing value to your audience and making sure you are doing it better than the competition. While all of this is going on, you also need to be actively building your mailing and ways to connect with readers after they leave your site.

Helping you overcome many of the common obstacles associated with Internet marketing and staying connected with your audience in this new world of mobile engagement, SendPulse offers multiple solutions to ensure your message gets heard loud and clear by just the right prospects at just the right time.

Marketing Made Simple

The SendPulse suite of products actually consists of multiple solutions meant to help you reach your audience, but they all boil down to the same fundamental objective: to make marketing as simple and as effective for you as possible.

Part of this has to do not only with the basic technology for delivering your message across the Internet, but making sure that your message actually gets read by real people. This is accomplished through a combination of artificial intelligence, hyper-personalization and predictive analysis.

And while there are other components to this package, which we will discuss in just a moment, the heart of the solution here focuses on email marketing. Yes, despite the persistent rise of social media and other communication channels, email marketing has survived the test of time and is still one of the most robust marketing methods available online. You just have to know how to use it effectively.

It Starts with Email Marketing

Two of the greatest challenges you will face with email marketing today is with delivery rates and with open rates. Using some other email marketing providers, you may struggle to have your email newsletter and email messages actually sent to the intended recipients. This is because spam and other filters can be increasingly stringent on what can get through, especially when these messages are inherently sent in bulk.

But even if you get your email into the inboxes of the people who you want to reach, the next challenge is encouraging these people to actually open and read your messages. SendPulse leverages its advanced technology to overcome both of these obstacles, offering the highest delivery rates worldwide with open rates to match.

They say that open rates increase by over 30% for hundreds of their users, including a new feature to resend if the original message is left unopened. This has resulted in a 30-80% increase in open rate too. Expect a high speed service you can rely on with no limits.

Templates and Drag-and-Drop Editor

So, your email got delivered. And the recipient actually opened it. But then they see an ugly plain text email and they quickly unsubscribe from your list. That’s the worst thing that could happen! Thankfully, SendPulse arms you with a growing library of free templates to use for creating your own custom email campaigns.

The professionally-designed templates are easy enough for you to personalize with your own messaging, approaching a broad range of industries and seasonal events. Want to send out a special promo for Valentine’s Day or Christmas? You can do that.

And useful as these ready-made templates may be, you may want to have a more custom solution. That’s where the drag-and-drop email editor comes into play. You can use it to create your own templates that can then be customized again and again.

The interface is straightforward enough that even a beginner can use it, since all you do is insert, move, resize and delete the blocks that you wish to include in your template. Just click and drag. Type in the text and insert your own images at will. Supported elements include pictures, buttons, video, social networks and more, all with the ability to change colors, sizes, fonts, line heights and so on.

Once you think it’s ready to go, you can preview the message by sending a free test message. All emails created using this builder are responsive in design, so they’ll look good on any screen. More advanced users can just as easily utilize a regular HTML editor or import a template from a file (or URL) to create their own email templates too.

SMS, SMTP and Web Push Too

In addition to the email marketing suite, SendPulse also includes a number of other marketing tools for reaching your customers and subscribers in other ways.

The SMS service lets you send text messages all over the world, regardless of where you are physically located. Delivery is fast (up to 500 messages a second to over 200 countries around the world) and you can automate the process by scheduling it in advance.

One of the fastest growing trends in Internet marketing is with web push notifications, which are also included with SendPulse. Better still, it’s completely free to use. The web push notifications pop up in the user’s web browser no matter where they are online and they act in a similar fashion to notifications on a mobile device. This is perfect for news, sales announcements, or order status updates. SendPulse has found that push notification visibility is around 90% and personalization is tremendous.

With SendPulse, you also gain access to a reliable SMTP server and API integration for further flexibility. On the analytics and optimization side, enjoy robust A/B split testing and advanced reporting too.

Pricing Plans and Options

Rather than force you into a pricing structure that doesn’t fit with your needs, SendPulse offers a broad range of flexible pricing options so you can choose what works best for you.

For the core email service, you can send up to 15,000 emails per month to up to 2,500 subscribers for free. Beyond that, you can opt either for a monthly subscription based on the number of subscribers you have (starting at $9.95 for 2500 subscribers) or a pay-as-you-go plan for the number of messages you wish to send (starting at $32 for 10,000 messages). It’s entirely up to you, as the service can grow alongside your business.

A similar paradigm is provided for the SMTP service. The first 12,000 emails are free. Beyond that, the monthly subscription starts at $8.85 for 25,000 messages and the pay-as-you-go plan starts at $15 for 10,000 messages. As mentioned, web push notifications are free. SMS prices vary based on destination.

If you are looking for a comprehensive platform to handle several of your online marketing channels — including email, SMS and web push — SendPulse could be the solution for you. With third-party integration, subscription forms, a powerful email editor, AI to boost open rates and more, it’s robust and expansive at an affordable price.

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