MarketLeverage’s Super Affiliate Contest

MarketLeverage is holding a promotion to bring new affiliates into their network. Not only are the requirements low to win, but winning a prize is entirely up to your earnings. The contest started on the first of April and runs through May 31st, 2009.

Here’s a breakdown of the prizes available:
Grand Prize: Apple MacBook Pro (specs)
1st prize: Dell 24″ Flat Panel LCD Monitor (specs)
2nd prize:16GB  iPod Touch w. accessories (specs)
3rd prize: $200 MarketLeverage Visa Gift Card

How to Win:
The contest is open to all new affiliates that join MarketLeverage through this blog between the 1st of April, 2009 til the 31st of May, 2009. Participants must make a minimum of $1000 in order to qualify for a prize. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awarded to referred affiliates to MarketLeverage signed up through this blog. The grand prize winner across all participating sites will receive a MacBook Pro.

Why You Should Win:
This is “why you should win“… not “why you should enter“! If you haven’t already signed up for MarketLeverage, then you are eligable to win a prize. Why you should win, is because so many people are lazy to join a new network and the actual amount of people who signup and generate commissions between now and May 31st, will actually be a generally low number to compete against. This contest spans for two monts, so if you can make just $20 to $30+ a day, you are almost gauranteed one of the prizes above! ($1,000 needed to qualify to win)

Free ZJ Blog Shirt Just for Joining!
As a bonus, I’ll send out a free tshirt and sticker pack to any affiliate who join MarketLeverage and are accepted into the network. Once you are signed up and approved, use the contact form to send me your postal address and your MarketLeverage affiliate ID. Now everyone is a winner!

Join MarketLeverage and Win Prizes!

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  1. You're right about people being too lazy to join. I've had this contest running since April 1st, and I've had maybe 2 people signup.

    It always seems like everyone wants something for free and they aren't really willing to work for anything.

    <abbr>Steven-Sanders’s last blog post..Building Traffic With Contests & Giveaways</abbr>

  2. Thanks for hosting the contest, Zac! There's still over a month to enter, so it's a great time for anyone who has been looking for some additional incentive to make money to get involved.

    We're looking forward to seeing the results!

  3. If you haven't joined Market Leverage, take advantage of this contest and do it! They are some great people with great offers and this contest makes it easy to win great stuff! Too bad I'm already an affiliate with ML or I'd be signing up! 🙂

    <abbr>Tim Jones’s last blog post..Motive Network Giving Away Money!</abbr>

  4. free t-shirt for signing up seems like a deal in itself. I dont think I can generate 1K in sales but worth the shot. Laziness is a disease! Pisses me off when people expect handouts rather than working at a goal.

    <abbr>Crazy Oldie’s last blog post..Bruno Movie Trailer</abbr>

  5. Awesome! I'm in. . .

    <abbr>Blog Expert’s last blog post..3 Top Benefits of Shared Blogs</abbr>

  6. @Zac Johnson

    i guess people dont enter because they dont expect to win….

    i know thats not a way to take on things but we are living in mysterious times…

  7. This sounds like fun, I'm in, hopefully I can get one of these prizes!!!

  8. Sounds great. I have one I did a while back that I will re-write since it was a dumb mistake that should be avoided lol.

    Looking forward to reading the “tips” from others as well. Are you only going to be publishing the few winners or also be posting the other good ones that have good “don’t do” tips?

    I definitely like this type of contest rather than all the “point” ones going on 🙂

  9. These days trend has been set for most of the Online users that they don't want to put any sincere efforts in order to get things moving. They just go online & read about the money makers who have made money in past 3-4 years and they think that they will make it in 3-4 days and starts day dreaming

    Free T-shirt for Sign up is awesome Deal according to me what else you expect free on Internet just for Signing UP ..!!

    <abbr>Ricky Peterson’s last blog post..Google monopoly unfavorable for web marketers</abbr>

  10. Funny how people are saying nobody is joining… I tried to join… an hour later they denied me without a phone call… I've tried to contact 3 different people there, so far 2 people didn't return my phone call, one blocked me on AIM, and another just kind of stopped messaging me.

    Oh well, their loss.

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