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I truly feel that the ways of teaching and learning how to make money online are shifting. No longer do you have to buy software, only to be left in the dark after watching an amazing testimonial or crazy long pages about how you will make thousands of dollars over night with a new program. No, the shift for learning how to make money online is now focused on paid membership forums. A couple weeks ago I wrote about how I’ve been active on StackThatMoney forums, and really like the concept they have going there. I can also say the same for IMGrind Forums, which is run by two very successful friends of mine, who are also extremely well known in the affiliate industry, Ryan Gray and Ralph Ruckman.

Why is IMGrind Worth a Paid Membership?

As an member of the IMGrind Forum, you will have access to thousands of posts and new ideas and case studies on how to make money through the use of web sites, ad campaigns and continually improve your ad copies and return on investments.

Once you are logged in, you will see the latest, hottest and most viewed threads going on inside of IMGrind. I wish I could show you some of the content that is in each of these areas, but you will have to settle for just the titles until you login and see for yourself.

IM Grind Community Statistics (as of 10/27/11)
Threads 1,466 – Posts 7,009

One of the popular threads on the forum is one from Ryan Gray which goes into detail on how he created an arbitrage web site that generated $61,796.49 in about a two-month period. The thread is loaded up with powerpoint slides walking you through the process, then an extra 5 pages of comments, posts and more guidance from Ryan and other users. If you are great at creating campaigns that usually lose money or break even, this case study is a great example on how to make money “after” the lead/signup takes place, bringing in pure profit afterwards. This is just a small example of the type of premium content found within IMGrind.

As an active user on IMGrind, not only do you get to read and learn from people who are really making money in the industry, but you will be able to work with them and learn how to improve your ad campaigns. I personally get emails all the time from people asking me how to improve ad campaigns or want to learn how to make money online… and I simply don’t have the time or resources to answer and respond to everyone. Through the use of forums like IMGrind, it’s a new way to get consulting that would cost you thousands of dollars, but help build a community in the process.

IMGrind vs. StackThatMoney

In full disclosure, I am an active member of both IMGrind and StackThatMoney and really love what both of these forums have to offer. Though they are both based in the affiliate marketing niche, they do vary in what they offer. StackThatMoney is more focused towards ad campaigns and offering a wide selection of tools for research and campaign building. IMGrind focuses more on the process of building out your own campaigns, lead generation, sales funnels and web sites, while also covering more advanced areas such as such as pay per call, product fulfillment and becoming your own merchant/advertiser.

Both forums offer a tremendous amount of value, and for anyone who is serious about rubbing shoulders with the top people in the industry and learning new ways to make money online, I’d gladly recommend both, then if you could only afford to stick with one, see which fits your marketing style best.

IMGrind Live in NYC during AdTech / Affiliate Summit

Everyone in the internet marketing world will be descending on New York City for AdTech and Affiliate Summit during November, but members of IMGrind will get to have a little celebration of their own. Members of IMGrind will have access to a private live seminar on August 20th at the Hilton in New York City.

The price to Platinum Members of the forum is $267.00 for a live event ticket and recording, which will include sessions on the following. You must be a member of IMGrind to attend this exclusive event.

  • “Facebook Arbitrage” – An out of the box method we have been using for $5,000+ days on Facebook.
  • “Dating Domination” – Methods you will NOT find anywhere else online. Simply because there are no other AFFILIATES doing this.
  • “PPV List Secrets” – 20,000 subscribers on your email list a week. It’s that simple. You will have a “holy shit” moment when you see how.
  • “Job Site Thief” – Watch how I literally steal Job Site traffic. I’m even going to give you my squeeze page template that I murder with.

The Cost of NOT Joining IMGrind

Here’s the deal. You can buy all the software and make money online programs out there, but once you buy, many of them leave you in the dark. When you are a member of IMGrind, you get 24 hour access to killer content found in their forum, as well as support from Ryan Gray and Ralph Ruckman. The cost to me a premium member of the forum is $99 a month (use coupon code ZACJOHNSON and get 20% off your first month – Now only $$61.60 for the first month). This comes out to less than a wimpy cup of premium coffee a day. If you can’t invest that type of money into yourself and your business, then you probably shouldn’t be working to make money online in the first place. You are your business, and you need to make the connections and investments to bring it to the next level.

Head on over to IMGrind and become a member, or leave any questions you might have in the comments section below and Ryan Gray will be eager to answer any questions you might have.

Note: IMGrind is no longer an active forum. I recommend StackThatMoney as an alternative.

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    1. Definitely for beginners. Both forums are an excellent source of information and case studies. I wish they were around when I was first starting out.

  1. Nice way to learn lot of things which can be prove so useful for us in online marketing.
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  2. Absolutely for beginners Paulo, we have a dedicated section for 1-on-1 coaching and training and we are starting our own self-hosted chat room, webinars, podcasts along with our live seminars and masterminds we hold around the US
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    1. Ruck, thank you very much for your prompt answer! Also, I found the chat feature on your site really impressive! (I spoke with Ruck for a few minutes yesterday). I think features that get product owners closer to prospective/active customers are a must in order to keep and retain people's attention online.

  3. Thanks for sharing, will checkout the forum!
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  4. This forum would be great for beginners and a lot cheaper then a mentor to speed up your learning curve.

    It could save you years of trial @ error and help you learn how to make some cash a lot quicker.
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    1. I haven't used the warrior forum private section. I know and like IMGrind because I'm already friends and well aware of many of the guys who are already active and using this forum, which definitely makes it more fun and interesting.

  5. Hello, I watched the presentation video on IM Grind, and I would like to know if it is still possible to make money with the "content and image" technique that Ryan Talks about in the video.


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