Mastering CPA Marketing and “Living the Dream” with Ivan Ong

Making money on the internet is like no other business out there. Honestly, it’s an easy statement to make, but think about if you wanted to start an offline business. You’d probably have to go to school to get some fancy college paper (ehh…diploma) to impress the banks, investors or even a boss if you had to get one. By the time you get out of college you’d already be in debt, then years later you would need to learn how to run a business, which already has the odds against you in this economy.

Just think about it…if you were to walk into a McDonald’s or another business or fast food chain and you asked them for advice on how to start a business, many of them would ignore you and maybe even slam the door in your face! It’s not that way on the internet… for some reason when it comes to growing a business and making money online we all just seem to want to help each other out. This can clearly be seen by the number of great blogs and forums out there, but especially when you attend events like Affiliate Summit and everyone is just talking and helping each other out.

In the game of internet marketing it’s all about how much effort you put in and who you know…

The effort needs to be there no matter what, but if you have the right people around you then it makes the process a lot easier. Think about it, if you had Michael Jordan teaching you how to play basketball then you would be a lot better off than having a local school coach teaching you. The same applies to business and really anything else in life.

But again… that’s where the internet is different and offers you so much more opportunity.

Here’s another example…

The United States is well known for “living the American Dream” and people from around the world flock here to start a new life and business. With the internet you can make money from anywhere!

Ivan Ong is a perfect example for those who not only need inspiration, but are also looking for a coach to bring them to the next level. Ivan, who has the dedication and passion for online marketing and business that I’m always talking about has been able to make millions of dollars online in just the past few years. However Ivan is now focusing his efforts on teaching others the same methods he uses to find success, and even more interesting is that his students are from all around the world and mainly in Singapore and Malaysia. This is another perfect example of why the internet is the best business to be in. You can make money from literally anywhere!

Some of you may already know Ivan from his blog at If you haven’t been there I recommend you check it out, it’s loaded with quality information and case studies from many of Ivan’s successful ad campaigns. He also takes the time to answer many of the questions he receives through social networks and posts answers to them in detail on his blog.

Ivan Ong W4 Earnings

Over the previous few years Ivan has done extremely well in the affiliate marketing niche, especially with W4 and Neverblue ad networks.

As the word on Ivan’s success started to make it’s round and more people were reading his blog, the requests for personal consulting and questions about how he makes money online continue to came in. It was at this point that Ivan decided it was time to open “CPA Profits Academy”, which is his very successful student coaching program.

So far his students have been able to generate over $380,000 in earnings in just a short period of time. Ivan has also done a good job with interviewing and highlighting many of his student’s success stories as well. You can watch one of the short videos below.

If you’d like to learn more about personal coaching through Ivan’s CPA Profits Academy, you can join his mailing list or send him a direct email at You can also follow Ivan on Facebook as a friend and participate in his Fan Pages and groups as well.

While going through Ivan’s blog and then onto his YouTube videos, I came across this awesome video he uploaded which is title “Motivational Video On Entrepreneurship” which includes excerpts and quotes from many well known and successful entrepreneurs. While it has nothing directly to do with Ivan and his coaching program, it’s the exact type of video and motivation that we as online marketers and entrepreneur love and need to see!

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  1. I like how you explain about having an online and offline business, most especially with "In the game of internet marketing it’s all about how much effort you put in and who you know…".

    This makes me think about learning from people who has more experience and who can teach you great tactics to make your effort worth it. I suggest also to increase the conversions.

    I have learned a lot, more valuable information about starting your own successful Cost Per Action marketing business.

    I found this post shared on, the IM social networking site, and I "kingged" it and left this comment.

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  2. Hello Zac, one question comes to my mind: why on earth a person who is making thousand and thousand of dollars in affiliate commissions should care of spending hours of coaching and making $97 on every student?

    1. This question comes up a lot and it really depends on who the person is. Some people enjoy the coaching and helping others and put a price on it to limit the amount of people and only bring in those who are committed. Others want to expand to consulting and their own product creations. Lots of opportunities either way. Building your own brand is more valuable than continually pushing CPA offers over time, which is why many successful people move into coaching.

  3. Ivan is one very interesting person. I find out about him two months ago and since then I was following him and reading his posts.
    Thanks for your post Zac!

  4. hi Zac

    CPA is not my affiliate monetization model, yet I appreciate you featuring new marketers who are taking the web by storm, make money online and teach others their methods.

    I look forward to hearing more success stories you find about, and share my input with the community.

    Cannot wait to check Ivan’s website and coaching program…

  5. So that's what Ivan Ong does best. I have always "heard" his name among internet marketer newbies, but I have never really known his expertise.

    That's good to know that he's willing to coach young, and aspiring marketers in this field because, like what you've pointed out, help from the experts can be very effective.

    Thanks for introducing him to us! I found this post shared on, and left this comment.

  6. See what the Great Charles Ngo got to say about Ivan Ong and his programs. People WAKE UP!

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