How Matthew Woodward Built a Top 100 Blog

I always say that it’s easy to start a blog, but extremely hard to make one that really matters. Millions of blogs go live every day and for someone to compete against them and win is getting much harder with each day that goes by. If you are already making money online, an excellent way to document your success and build a potential brand for yourself is to blog about your journey as it happens. My blog has completely changed my life and it’s always great to see and hear about others who have build their name into a brand and done the same.

This is exactly what Matthew Woodward did with his blog, which has become quite well known and received a lot of awards and mentions from top marketing blogs around the internet lately.

  • Technorati Top 100 Business Blog July 2013
  • The Best Of Search Engine Journal 2012
  • ProBlogger One To Watch 2013
  • Unbounce Top 75 Internet Marketing Blogs

Blog Awards

What Makes Matthew’s Site So Great?

Matthew Woodward InterviewLike I said… it’s easy to start a blog, but very hard to create a successful one! This includes the process of writing great content that people find value in and getting people to link back to your site. Your site content is the driving force behind your site and this is where Matthew has focused all of his efforts and it’s proven to be a winning formula!

Before we jump into some of the best content on Matthew’s site and why it has done so well, it’s important that we also reflect back on his start and why he wanted to create a blog in the first place. Nearly ten years ago Matthew started his first site when he was 13 and it was focused on game reviews. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that Matthew realized he could start making money online. In the process of moving from his first gaming reviews sites to discovering how to make money online Matthew had ranked over 40 sites in the past three years, improving his skill in SEO along the way, which is also where his passion is at.

Managing a fleet of websites including everything from identifying emerging markets, designing websites and taking them to the #1 spot in Google has taught me a lot. What I realized is that I’m not leveraging my most valuable asset, my own personal knowledge and experience.

Throw all of that together and it’s a perfectly good reason to start a blog and brand of your own!

To learn more about Matthew and how he first started making money online and why he decided to launch his own blog and brand, be sure to check out my interview with him on

Content is King!

We all know that content is king, but putting in the time and effort to really make amazing content is what’s important. This has been one of Matthew’s main focuses and the reason why many people continue to link back to his content and share it with friends.

Through the use of high quality articles, tutorials and monthly revenue reports/case studies, the blog continues to deliver exactly what people are looking for.

Matthew Woodward Income Reports

  • Income Reports – There is just something about learning about how much a site and ad campaigns make that people just love. When I first launched my blog I did a 12 month case study on my monthly earnings from the blog as well. It was one of the best methods for attracting new readers and getting people to comment and share on the content. Throw in Matthew’s monthly reports about other sites in the make money online niche and you have some great content that people are waiting on month after month!

Matthew Woodward Theme Design

  • Great Tutorials – At some point everyone is going to want to learn how to do something. There is no better way to create compelling and valuable content on your site than walking someone through the process and showing them what to do. Two of the sites most popular tutorials are “How I Build a Top 100 Blog in 12 Months” and a step by step guide on “How to Start a Blog“.

Matthew Woodward has Become His Own Brand

I think back to how much I’ve accomplished through my own blog at since it launched in 2007 and it’s completely changed everything and brought in a ton of new opportunities for my business and me personally. I can only imagine the same thing is happening with Matthew as his blog continues to grow in size and his name becomes his personal brand and business.

Once you have found success in the world of online marketing, you should definitely think about taking that success and spinning it into a blog and brand of your own. Owning your own content that is building up on a monthly basis and turning a profit is one of the best business models around, not to mention the power and potential of your own name brand. Be sure to check out to learn how to do the same and follow Matthew’s success along the way!

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  1. I love sites branded around a name. You can move and pivot as many times as you want into the future! Smart.
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  2. Hi Zac,

    Whenever you read the success story of any blogger, it actually encourage you to start your own blog. But as you already mentioned in your post that starting a blog is easy but making an useful blog that people would love is not that easy. So before starting your blog you need to be mentally ready to take up all challenges.
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  3. Valuable tutorials are always in demand and if you can continuously deliver the same, your blog certainly going to see huge impact in long run. However just writing the tutorials is not enough, you need to put efforts so that more and more people know about it through SEO and social media promotions.
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  4. Without doubt, matthew woodward is one of the newest and happening internet marketer! he built his blog from the ground up with zero backlink! Although he has his site links in very popular internet marketing forums. Anyone indeed can start a blog today and grow it to be as big as matt's
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  5. Zac, thanks for this inspiring post on Matthew Woodward. I am truly blessed reading through this publication. Matthew is one of the few bloggers who were able to get tremendous results within a year of starting a blog. There are a lot of bloggers out there who are not as lucky, and are still struggling with their blogs after several years online.

    Like you rightly observed, blogging with results is one of the greatest ways to get people to to listen to you and also come to you for advice because they know you are getting positive results. Matthew has been consistent in his works and he is getting the results he deserves. Anyone who works hard and applies the right formula would surely get results in the long run.

    I have always supported the debate in favour of quality content. If you can deliver that, no matter how ugly your site looks, people would overlook it and visit you because you have what they want. On the other hand, beautiful site with poor content would definitely drive away visitors.

    I wish I am already making lots of money like you and Matthew are making! I believe I would get the other side of how to make the money start coming in someday. Thanks Zac for the write up once again.
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  6. Matt is THE man and is def someone I strive to model my blog business after. I really enjoyed read this post. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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