MaxBounty’s Private Wine Cellar Party

I’ve known JP & Steven Suave for many years now. We’ve always been good friends and have both done very well for ourselves over the past several years. It’s really great to talk with internet and Affiliate Summit veterans, as you can compare and appreciate each other’s success over the years. This AffiliateSummit, MaxBounty treated their invited affiliates to a special Wine Cellar party. The atmosphere was amazing and very relaxing!

The Wine Cellar was as fancy and sophisticated as you can get!

MaxBounty Co-Founder JP Suave.

MaxBounty Co-Founder Steven Suave.

I also got to meet up with my Affiliate Manager Jessica Dagg.

It was great to talk with JP and Steven on how they built up their network over the years and finally grew from a two person company to an 8 person company today. I highly recommend joining the MaxBounty network, not only do they have some great offers and competitive rates, but they are also very selective as to whom they let in their network. MaxBounty has been around for many years now, and they have what it takes to thrive for many more.

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  1. A good class of wine, chit chat about affiliate stuff goes good together I guess… Good idea!

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