At some point, hopefully you come across the problem of not having your site loading fast enough because you are pushing a lot of data and traffic through your sites. It’s a good problem to have in the aspect that you are growing, but it’s something you can not leave untreated.

The truth is, you only have a second or two to convince people to stay at your site. If your site and content is taking more than a few seconds to load, you are killing your traffic, site and business. MaxCDN is a content delivery network that makes web sites run fast! I’m personally using them on all of my web sites and blogs and highly recommend you do the same.

How MaxCDN works is actually quite complex, but we can leave all the technical terms and brain surgery behind their site to their tech team. In short, when you setup a web site with MaxCDN, you are having their servers host your content across their servers located through out the world. This means you site content is getting passed around at a much faster rate and loading at locations that are much closer to each location of your site visitors, versus having everything continually load from one server location.

As a site owner, you just need to know that MaxCDN makes it extremely easy for you to get your site content up and running with their system. Through the use of WordPress plugins and changing a few simple settings on your server and web site you can have a much faster loading web site in no time.

Once you are setup with a MaxCDN account, you can login and monitor all of your sites transfer, bandwidth and loading stats.

The Benefits of Having Fast Loading Sites

It’s no surprise that a fast loading web site will make your site visitors happy, but there is actually a lot that it can do for your site and business than you might actually think! Having a mega fast web site allows your site to load content faster, which results in higher conversions, increased revenue, more repeat visitors and customers and it will even help increase your search engine rankings. If the big players like Google see that you have a fast loading site, they are more likely to rank and boost your site in the rankings.

Be sure to view the full details of why you need to have a super fast web site in the breakdown below.

How Much Does MaxCDN Cost?

Depending on the size and traffic flowing through your web site or blog, the pricing plan for MaxCDN will vary. They have a “Pay as You Go” setup, which makes it very easy and affordable for site owners of all sizes. Instead of paying a flat monthly fee, you are only charged for the actual amount of bandwith and data transfer that you are running through their system. The first payment amount is $39.95 for 1,000 GB (1 TB) of data… which will last many sites a very long time!

The last thing I want to mention is that MaxCDN has one of the best customer support teams around. As mentioned, I am currently using them for all of my sites and I am continually messing around with servers, transferring sites and changing DNS/hosting records. Whenever I need to talk with MaxCDN I simply visit their site and get someone through their chat support who answers my questions right away of even sets up the sites for me.

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