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Written by Zac Johnson
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I just saw my first set of stats from Media Jump’s "Ask" campaign. Unfortunately they were not too thrilling. I’m getting the volume I need (over 1,000+ clicks daily), but with this program it’s a bit different than Yahoo Publisher Network or Google Adsense. Instead of being paid for the initial click from the user, you now have to rely on them to click the "keyword" listing on your site, then actually click on one of the "sponsored listings" once they are sent to Ask Search. I still feel if you are targeting correctly, this program can still make decent money, but will require some testing.

I initially added their regular keyword listings to the site, which also contained a search box. I talked with Media Jump this morning and they said the majority of the users were using the search box for low end terms that did not have any sponsored listings. Right there itself is killing earning averages, but this is why we test. Media Jump has now supplied me with a new tag (shown below) without the search box (which you can remove in the admin area) and with some keywords that will produce paid listings once at the search page. I will keep you updated with the performance of the new ad set.

Quick Web Search Links
Gadgets for Men – Flirting Tips – Fast Cars – Men’s Magazines – Cheerleading Stunt Videos – Online Dating – Stunt Bikes

As requested by Ask / Media Jump, I would like to clear up the difference between the two companies. is of course one of the largest search engines and is owned by InterActive Corp. Media Jump is a distributor for and running their "Ask Related Search" campaign. The two are separate companies and will probably be coming out with their own exclusive search program in the coming months. Any questions or comments on the program should be sent to Media Jump and not Ask directly.

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7 Replies to “Media Jump and Ask Search”

  1. I am kind of surprised that traffic is that high. I don’t like that a person has to click twice to get paid, although, I guess once they get to the second page they will continue to search. It just adds another way out for the person searching and will definitely cost you to a certain extent.

  2. Being asked to click the second time really pisses the visitor off.

    I wouldn’t like it either. Wonder how much testing you need with these guys!

    1. I agree. The best option would be if they had a way to imbed content for search, at least that way they are still searching on your site til they click the second link.

  3. I agree . Two Clicks to get paid is not good.

    I had a question .. am I missing more options ?
    once I log on to Media Jump I only see two taps Home and Related Search Tool / which Related Search Tools is directs me to the Quick Links Console and thats it.

    1. For now, yes it is those two options… til your stats update, then you will see a REPORTING section added. This usually takes 24 hours.

  4. Have you any idea what is going on at Media Jump now? I have been running their ads for about 7 weeks and theoretically making some nice money (although not yet paid), but have been a little concerned about the fact that their website has been down for days now (apparently hacked and they can't keep the hackers off it). The reporting tool is wobbly to say the least, "Related Search" has changed into "Quick Links" (which I really don't like), and now they are switching me away from Ask and over to Yahoo and earnings are WAY down. Every time I speak to somebody there is always a reason, but I am getting more worried …

    I have been searching to see if anybody else has any experience of Media Jump and this blog is the only reference I can find to it in Google. Would love to know what you think.

  5. I have had Media Jump ads running on my site since September and I still have never received payment from them. They keep promising to process payments but nothing yet. I honestly do no think I am going to get paid. I have removed their ads.

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