Monetize Your Site Traffic with MediaVenus Native Advertising

The world of online marketing and business consists of many different components — advertisers, brands, websites, media outlets, and affiliates. While each of them are unique in their own way, there is definitely a surplus in the industry of each, so when it does come time to pick where you are buying traffic from, what ad networks you are working with and which affiliate offers you are promoting, it’s always best to do the necessary research and make sure you are working with the best. If this was something everyone spent a little more time on, we would all benefit from better traffic, leads and ROI.

Speaking of leads and ROI, one of the best ways to increase revenue and reach is through the use of native advertising. Not only is it a growing advertising medium, it’s also being used on many of the most visited and trusted websites and blogs on the internet today. The revenue being generated from such campaigns is through the roof, as the user engagement on these ad placements is usually multiples higher than that of traditional banner or contextual advertising.

One network that is focusing heavily in this space is MediaVenus. The native advertising network has been running campaigns for advertisers, while also providing site owners with a consistent flow of monetization solutions since 2014. With over 110,000 publishers and advertisers now on their network, they are definitely a name you should be keeping an eye on. As for reach, they have that covered as well — which includes access to nearly all of the world’s countries and ad placements available in more than 50 different languages.

Let’s take a look at what MediaVenus has to offer and how they can start generating money for your site or online business.

MediaVenus Native Advertising Network

MediaVenus is a native advertising network that is based out of London, but they are also actually part of the Leadbit family — which already has a large history and coverage in the online marketing space. Through this native advertising platform, users can gain access to a wide range of ad placements, advertising widgets, traditional banner ads and mobile optimized ads. In short, no matter what industry or audience you might be looking to target, MediaVenus has the platform and partners in place to get the job done.

What makes MediaVenus different from other advertising platforms is that they have their own widgets for serving ad placements on nearly any area of a website or blog. As you’ve likely seen on other websites like Forbes, Huffington Post and Inc, the best area for native advertising is often right after the article ends. This is a great way to increase revenue, as you are then giving the user a call to action after they are done with this articles — thus the high click through rates and higher CPMs which have been seen through native advertising as a monetization source. Another advertising method on MediaVenus that has been proven to work well is pop-up advertising. Just like with ads at the end of an article, any type of “in your face” marketing is going to increase user engagement, clicks, and revenue.

With all of this in mind, MediaVenus has access to traffic from all around the world and instead of going into specific niche markets or geographic regions, they have the platform and proven business model in place to look at advertising on a global scale. This means site partners will have access to campaigns for 200+ countries, which will target audiences from a wide range of verticals, such as including beauty and health-related goods, accessories, dating, mobile services, electronics, online earning and gambling (where legally permitted).

Depending on your traffic and audience, there is also a selection of adult-oriented (18+) advertisers on the network as well. The option is always there to opt out of ad campaigns and advertisements that might not be right for your audience, but it’s also good to know the option is there for anyone already in this space.

How Publisher Benefit from MediaVenus

Traffic volume and quality are always going to be key to the success of an ad network, however, it’s also important to increase site partners, while not limiting too many. Some of the highest quality content sites on the internet might only get a few thousand visits per month, so why limit them access to a premium ad network? This is exactly what MediaVenus had in mind when deciding on their publisher selection process.

To qualify for a publisher account with MediaVenus, a website must attract a minimum of 500 unique visitors per day. The option is also there to provide third-party access to Google Analytics should you want to prove the actual amount of traffic flowing through your site. This is not a requirement, but it will speed up the approval process if you decide to provide it.

After applying for an account with MediaVenus, you will then have access to the member’s login area. Like most networks, this is pretty self-explanatory. All navigation and account settings can be found at the top of the page, which will provide you access your websites, statistics, news, tickets, balance, and profile. I should also note that MediaVenus does have a 5% referral program, which can be accessed and promoted in the “Referrals” section in the top header as well.

What you will also notice is that there isn’t a link to view offers or advertisers on the network. There also isn’t a location to generate ad codes or affiliate links. Instead, MediaVenus uses their widget platform to provide each partner site with its own unique code. Once your site is approved, you will then have the opportunity to generate your which, which can be customized to serve CPC or CPM based advertising.

In addition to CPC and CPM based advertising, pop-under advertising is also available through the network. Inter-content videos with autoplay will also soon be available through MediaVenus as well.

Depending on the monetization method you choose, publishers will then have the option to configure their ad widgets based on banner size and page position. Site targeting options also appear within this section as well — which includes the ability to show ads for audiences of 18+ in age, or if you’d like to display the logo of an advertiser — which has also been proven to increase site revenue.


With your widget settings updated and ready, it’s then time to grab the Javascript code provided by the platform, and adding it to your site.

Another benefit of working with MediaVenus is that they have weekly payments sent out to their publishers, and their minimum payment threshold is only $15. This is much lower than nearly all other ad networks, especially when paying out on a weekly basis. Publishers will receive a revenue share of 90% and payments can be issued via PayPal, wire transfer, Paxum, e-Payments, Capitalist or WebMoney.

Every publisher will also receive a specific account manager to help with any questions you might have, or how to improve optimization of ad placements on your site. Another benefit of MediaVenus having a global reach and audience is that their support team is also multilingual.

Advertisers Benefit with MediaVenus Too

We already covered the benefits of working with MediaVenus as a site owner and publisher, but what if you are an advertiser and looking to reach new audiences? Of course, MediaVenus has premium services on that side of the business as well. While the traffic and platform are best suited for advertisers in the verticals of health and beauty products, mobile apps, weight loss and diet products and programs, e-commerce, dating, and adult content, there are still opportunities to explore other options as well.

The first step in this process is to simply visit the MediaVenus site and sign up as an advertiser. You will then be able to connect with their team to make sure your targeting and ad campaigns are set up as effectively as possible.

The real power of MediaVenus can be seen in their advertising backend that allows for very detailed audience targeting. With more than 110,000 publishers on the network, this is a must have for advertisers, as quality control and split testing of different verticals and traffic is key.

MediaVenus also allows for the targeting of audiences based on their browser, operating system, and mobile devices. With mobile usage on the rise like never before, knowing where your audience is coming from and how they are engaging with your content and landing pages is key. Not all traffic sources at the same, so it’s recommended to set up different campaigns for both desktop and mobile traffic.

For advertisers, traffic and lead quality are always going to be key. MediaVenus and the Leadbit team always have the highest of standards when it comes to the partners they accept into their network, while also having their own internal blacklists to ensure all campaigns are properly optimized and tracked at all times.

How to Make the Most with MediaVenus

As with all money making and advertising opportunities online, it’s all about taking action and seeing how a platform might work for you. The good news is that MediaVenus is working with both advertisers and site owners, so no matter what medium you fall into, there is a good chance for you to find success with their network.

To get started, simply sign up as a publisher or as an advertiser and you will soon be contacted by the MediaVenus team and set up with your own account access.

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