Meet Me at BlogWorld Expo 2008 in Las Vegas

There aren’t many conferences that I will fly across the country to attend, but BlogWorld is definitely one of them. I first heard about BlogWorld Expo when I was at Affiliate Summit West last year. I had a few friends that were planning to make the trip, so I made sure I would be there as well. Not only was it the inaugural conference for BlogWorld, but it was also the first time I got to meet up with a lot of new people like John Chow, Nate and the UniqueBlogDesigns team, Leo Laporte, Gary Vaynerchuk and Marc Cuban just to name a few. I was really amazed with how awesome the conference was, especially since it was the first time the event was put together.

Unlike Affiliate Summit or other internet marketing events, BlogWorld has attendees from every aspect and not just those that focus on making money. At BlogWorld you will meet up with bloggers that blog for fun, political bloggers, make money bloggers and many others. It was a very different type of conference and I really enjoyed it. Another great thing about BlogWorld, is they break down the conferences by topic, so if you are a political blogger you can attend all political blog sessions. (Meaning you won’t have to miss any sessions in your niche blog area)

Once again, it’s time for BlogWorld to start putting all of the speakers lists and sessions together. My good friend Jim Kukral is in charge of the monetization track this time, so he will have his work cut out for him. Last year Jim was able to introduce Marc Cuban as the final keynote speaker at BlogWorld and also was the emcee for Affiliate Summit West 2008.

Here are just a few of the Great Speakers in attendance at BlogWorld 2007.

The speaker list isn’t available yet for this year’s BlogWorld, but if it’s anything like last years, it will be phenomenal. I highly recommend you try and attend BlogWorld this year, and conference tickets are actually 50% off for a limited time.  I look forward to meeting you at BlogWorld 2008 in Las Vegas!

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  1. I am thinking of going as well I mean I have izeafest aweek before… I also applied to speak on a panel, since I saw jim kukral blog about wanting or needing more panelist 🙂 see you in vegas again!

  2. Las Vegas ! They didn't realize that people who will participate will loose their money in casino's & Strip Clubs?? This conference have to be in Utah 🙂

  3. Sounds very interesting, will the conference be available live? that would be even nicer 🙂

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