The Power of Mentorship, Expertise and Blogging in 2021

No matter your passion, expertise or goals in live… when you start to share those feelings and emotions with others, it resonates with them as well.

This can be for pretty much anything in life. However, more often than not, it gets more emotional and personal when it’s relevant to a lifestyle, goal or challenge we may personally be working on.

With this in mind, once you find what you are great at and start sharing it with the rest of the world… that’s when the real magic starts!

Today, we are going to highlight three different entrepreneurs and industry experts that took their own expertise and passion for business, branding, investing and teaching others… then expanded into much bigger roles as world influencers, teachers and mentors.

Let’s get started!

Timothy Sykes – Stock Market and Penny Stocks

If you’ve ever done any research online for the stock market or investing in penny stocks, then you will have likely come across the name “Timothy Sykes” — and also that he is known for turning $12k into more than $6.7 million.

While investing in penny stocks was how it all started for Tim, now his bread and butter comes through the brand and business that he’s built up over the past several years as a result of teaching others how to accomplish the same.

And like many others, this journey started out with a blog and social media, while also highlighting his many failures and successes — and of course including amazing photography of the various places he’s been day trading around the world.

Today, Tim has a network of investing and education sites, live events and conferences to attend, and online courses and subscriptions for all of his students.

Now let’s highlight how Tim is using each of these three methods to grow his brand, reach and business.

  • Mentorship – Online courses and coaching programs
  • Expertise – Everything related to penny stocks
  • Blogging – Daily posts on his blog and social channels


Gary Vaynerchuk – Brand Marketing and Agency Services

Of the many different examples of successful individuals we could cover when it comes to creating content, sharing their expertise and being a mentor to others, Gary V likely would be the most well known.

What’s quite amazing about Gary’s journey, is that he’s not only found success time and time again (whether it be in Wine, social media, investing or branding), but also that he is inspiring others throughout the process.

A perfect example of this can be seen through his podcasts and video interviews where he discusses his passions for flipping products and finding garage sale deals. This isn’t making him a ton of money, but it’s motivating his audience, getting them started and growing his brand loyalty and following in the process.

Now let’s highlight how Gary is using each of these three methods to grow his brand, reach and business.

  • Mentorship – Through personal coaching but mostly social media content
  • Expertise – All forms of marketing, but enforcement of putting in the work
  • Blogging – Gary Vaynerchuk blog, Medium and top social platforms

Ashley Alderson – Boutiques, Ecommerce and Networking

Not every example of success and fame needs to be well-known of backed up by millions of dollars in wealth. This is the exact story behind Ashley Alderson, who has become quite the coach, influencer and success story in the niche market of unique boutique shopping.

While it may seem small at first, the truth is… the more you niche down the better. Then as you continue to show off your expertise and passion, while growing a brand in the process, then you can really start and see what’s possible.

What started out small, is now a large company with staff, and also influencing and motivation thousands of members around the world. The Boutique Hub, founded by Ashley, is for all boutique types, apparel, accessories, beauty, decor, and with all selling types from e-commerce, brick and mortar, mobile to social

Now let’s highlight how Ashley is using each of these three methods to grow his brand, reach and business.

  • Mentorship – Through a massive network of users at The Boutique Hub 
  • Expertise – Personal, business and life expertise that relates to her audience
  • Blogging – Main site, blog, media interviews and top social platforms

How to Grow Your Own Brand or Business by Sharing Your Expertise with Others

As you can see from each of the examples above, when you put in the time and effort to share your expertise, talents and passions with others, you can really grow into quite the brand and business of your own.

With the internet now making it easier than ever to get started with a site, brand or business of your own, what are you waiting for?

Be sure to follow each of the examples above on both their social media channels and websites or blogs, as they will not only keep you inspired, but will also teach you how to take advantage of such platforms and networking methods as well.



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