Microsoft Affiliate Network

I applied to the new Microsoft Affiliate Network about a week ago and was just notified that I was accepted into their network! Looks like they only have one offer at the moment, and it’s for their freeWindows Live OneCare PC protection software and pays $1.50 per download. It also states that payments are sent out once $100 in commissions are accrued. This may take some time with only one offer live on the network, though I am sure they will add more soon. It’s excited to be part of the network, because I wanted to let everyone know what they have to offer and how they will perform. I will list the PC protection software on some sites now and keep you updated on it’s progress and any new offers added to the network.

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  1. Wow, I heard about this and congrats on getting accepted! It should be quite neat to see what happens.

    1. It's a pity that they only allow certain publishers based on the location. I hope that they will open up to other countries when they have more offers 🙂

  2. I had never even heard of this. Where have I been the past few weeks?!? Thanks for bringing this to our attention – keep us updated as to their progress in getting merchants on board. Should be interesting.

    – Martin Reed

  3. Hey Zac…do you know if they have any other requirements for people applying to be affiliates..other than place of residency?

  4. Congrats on getting accepted, now I've just got to wait until they open it up to the rest of the world

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