Microsoft to Acquire Yahoo Search for $20 Billion

Here we go again.. reports are swirling around that Microsoft is once again in talks with Yahoo for a potential deal. Now that Yang is out and Icahn has more control… I would not be surprised to see something happen this time.

I’ve always been a fan of Microsoft, and have been a long time share holder in both Microsoft, Yahoo and Google. With the massive holding Google has over internet search, it was inevitable for something to finally happen between these two companies.

So what does this mean for the future of search advertising? We all know that Yahoo and MSN deliver lower traffic than Google, but for the majority of us… usually better conversions! Yahoo and MSN marketing are not to be over looked, especially if they now potentially become one.

Where do you see this heading?

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  1. Personally I would like to see them combine there paid search platform. You would get twice the amount of higher converting traffic for the same price and you would only have to set up one campaign instead of two. It would make search marketing a bit easier and less time consuming.

  2. 'twas only a matter of time.

    I side with largeaffiliate. Competition is a good thing; there won't be any true competition without a stronger competitor to the big G.

  3. I wonder how well the Microsoft and Yahoo cultures will mix. They seem very different.

  4. Hmmm can you say MicroHoo or how about Yasoft. Okay lame lame. Anyway they are just delaying the inevitable. Hurry up and make the deal already!

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