Microsoft to Buy Yahoo for $45 Billion

In earth shaking news this morning “Software giant makes cash and stock offer of $31 a share, a 62% premium from Yahoo’s closing price on Thursday.“, reports Microsoft made an offer for nearly $45 BILLION cash and stock to acquire Yahoo. The deal would pays Yahoo a premium of 62% per share, bringing the price to $31 a share. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, called the move the “next major milestone” for the software giant.

In the war against Google, I always thought this was the best move… and have been waiting forever for it to happen. With Yahoo’s stock and earnings numbers struggling so much, now was the time for Microsoft to make the move. How you think this will effect affiliate marketing or search engine promotions of offers? Will the team up of Microsoft and Yahoo be enough to hurt Google in the search engine wars?

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  1. Just read the news on my local portal and this will be a great shift if they shape up their as systems. Anyway it will be little bit easier to manage one campaign interface instead of two.

  2. "Microsoft WANTS to buy Yahoo" would be more appropriate. Don't miss Balmer's mention that MS made a similar offer a year ago, which was rejected by Yahoo.

  3. I don't know how will the transaction goes but having lesser competition on the Internet might give webmasters problems, one of them which is very significant now is the dependence on Google.

    1. Sure, but on the other hand, having two big players is always healthier than having just one with a lot of competitors, but none of them serious 🙂

      Alan Johnson

  4. I've been expecting Yahoo to be sold for a while, and I hoped in my heart that Microsoft would be the buyer. It will be interesting to see how things evolve. I'm sure that this acquisition will make Microsoft more of a competitor… although it's still way to early to measure the effect on Google.

  5. I saw that on TechCrunch this morning and thought WOW, that would be a huge shake up wouldn't it.

  6. for some reason i do not see microsoft share holders approving this (if it makes it that far)

  7. I woke up and this was all the rave on StumbleUpon. I remember reading about this same thing last summer. With Yahoo being the vulterable teenage girl and Microsoft being the older, cunning man, who knows what will happen.

    Antelope vs. Cheetah – Round 1

  8. After all I think Microsoft is able and is going to buy up Yahoo. If they do that, it has some advantages for us, but of course it has mainly disadvantages. Why? Now Microsoft is becoming bigger and then you have to optimize your website for two search engines: google, yahoo and MSN live. I think it is not human to optimize your website well for all search engines.

    1. I'd say that, if G were to finally have a serious competitor, there would mainly be positive advantages as far as webmasters are concerned, since a company who finds itself in the position of having to actually fight for its market share will be a lot more careful than one who is the only big player 🙂

      Alan Johnson

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