Million Dollar Voices – Being the Best in a Very Competitive Niche Market

Everyone is always talking about the importance of making money in niche markets and how you need to be at the top to make the big money. In the business of million dollars voices, being at the top isn’t easy… but it is extremely profitable if you can make it. Best of all, many of these self employs voices you hear, but people that you never see, actually work right out of their own homes.

What was the last movie you went to see, or even a quick commercial or trailer for your favorite television shows? Whatever it was, the voice in the background was probably one of the voice over experts in the video segment below.

If you think there is a competitive market in the dating and weight loss niche, how would you like to compete in the world of voice overs? Sure, there are millions of jobs out there, but the big money is made by roughly five individuals who are the best at what they do, and continue to rack up all of the jobs and money in the market.

Million Dollar Voices

Be sure to check out the video below that will introduce you to the little know faces the big voices that many of us are already all too familiar with.

Family Guy (Behind the Scenes)

As just for some entertainment, also be sure to check out the voices and behind the scenes recording process from “The Family Guy”. It’s quite funny to see the real people and the many voices behind the characters. After watching the real voice recordings, you won’t look at the cartoon characters the same way.

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  1. These are that kind of personalities who have something special with them in their life because they know very well what they should to do on which time.

  2. Imagine that. You gotta really like it though. I can't imagine doing that the whole day thouhg. They might. I guess if it's millions you're making you just gotta make sure each take is a keeper and manage your time well.

    I like blogging and creating products myself. I still sit 'till 19:30 each nite, round about, working 14 – 17 hour days, but one day, I'm gonna sit pretty and enjoy the rewards.
    My recent post 4th of July Special for my Comment Blueprint Course.

  3. Good Post Zac. And it is true, Voice Over Work is one tough market to jump into. I've been doing voice over work for the last 10 years and I volunteer my voice alot just to brand myself even more.

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