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Sign up and get $25 Bonus Pay Per Click Ad creditsI’ve worked with MIVA for many years now on the affiliate site, but after seeing a bunch of promotions and banners for their pay per click marketing, I figured I’d give it a shot. In addition to having an affiliate program, they also offer $25 in Free Bonus Credit to anyone that advertises through their network. Since I just became an advertiser on MIVA, I don’t have that much information to back up the quality of their traffic, but setting up an ad campaign is very fast and simple. If you are not currently advertising through MIVA, I will outline the simple process of setting up a new campaign.

1.) Creating an Account
Setting up a new advertising account is very simple. All you need is to enter your contact information, then you are on your way to setting up the campaign. As a new advertiser, you will go through the whole process of setting up your ad campaign, before having to submit your credit card / payment information. This is a plus, because if you don’t like the way their system or setup looks after creating your ad, you won’t be forced to submit a cc or deposit and can just leave the process.

2.) Setting up Your Ad Campaign
Keeping with the process of simplicity, the first step is to add your web site / campaign information. In the example below I filled out the campaign information as if I was running a campaign to promote this blog.

3.) Selecting Your Keywords
After completing your campaign web site information, you are asked to setup your keywords. You can select and import your own keywords, or you can use the “Suggestion Tool”. For this example, I used the MIVA Suggestion Tool for the keyword “affiliate marketing”. A list will then be shown with suggested keywords. You can then “Add” your desired keywords, or select “Add All”.

4.) Keyword Bid Amounts
Now that you have your selected keywords, you will need to setup bid amounts. You are requested to put in your “maximum auto bid”, which I set at .15 per click. A chart will then show all of your selected keywords and where your ad campaign placement will be shown, based on your maximum click amount. You will also be giving the cost per click for each keyword, your rank and the placement of your ad and/or competitor ads for spots 1 through 5.

5.) Review Your Ad & Payment
The last step of the process is to review your ad setup and place payment. To go live with your account, you will need to submit a payment. Payment options available are Credit Card, Check, Money Order or Wire Transfer. (I recommend using an American Express Business Card as they provide great business benefits.) Below payment information, you will see a final review on your ad campaign and you maximum bid and average rank.

6.) Your Account is Now Live
After filling out your payment information and reviewing your campaign, your account will now be live. Now that you have an active account, you can log into the system where you can track and view all statistics of your campaign.

I am in the process of setting up multiple ad campaigns and will have a follow up post in the next week or two on the performance of traffic from MIVA. I know there are sometimes issues with the smaller search engines and quality is lacking, so I am looking forward to seeing the results from MIVA, especially since their PPC rates are a lot lower than Google, Yahoo and MSN. Minimum bids on the network are .10 per click. If you are new to MIVA and setting up a campaign, I would start with low bid amounts and watch your traffic closely. If you are currently advertising with MIVA Pay Per Click, feel free to leave any feedback on your experience.

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  1. As far as the quality of Miva's traffic goes, I used to work for one of their feed exchange partners and we saw very good conversions on their traffic. Granted, the level partnership we had with them meant that we were sending each other higher-end traffic, but needless to say, that high quality traffic is there. I imagine that anyone who can manage a PPC campaign properly, then, wouldn't have too much to worry about.

    1. What kind of conversion rates are we talking about?

      I'm interested in trying it, but I'd like to wait until Zac has time to test it and let us know how it works.

  2. @Jason Forthofer,

    Something you have to bear in mind about second tier search engines is that the nature of the traffic is completely different. A lot of it is coming through search arbitrage, and depending on the niche of the keywords involved, that can mean a lot of things.

    The thing with second tier search engines is that they have tiered feeds. The trick, then, is to (1) be either a big spender or big affiliate so that you get their attention, and (2) form a relationships with them so that you can get them to either deactivate certain traffic providers or keep your bids in the higher tiered feeds.

  3. It looks kind of neat. Do they offer a service for the rest of us like Adsense? I'm not really interested in displaying my ad on other sites right now. I am looking for other free services, similar to Google's Adsense.

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  4. Affilate marketing is a high paying nich so i expected to see bids from 1$ to 20$.

    With a 0.09$ a click it's seems to not be a high quality traffic.

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