Make Money with Mobidea, the Mobile Affiliate Marketing Network

Mobile usage is growing at a rapid rate and even more exciting than the sheer number of users with a mobile device in their pocket, is the amount of money being poured into this space. Mobile applications are generating millions of dollars every day, and affiliate marketers who are taking advantage of this traffic source are are cashing in as well.

The affiliate marketing industry has been talking about mobile for over a decade now, and it’s still amazing to see how many marketers are still sitting on the sidelines and focusing on just ‘desktop’ traffic.

I feel one of the main reasons why this is happening, is that mobile marketing scares a lot of marketers because they don’t have an application or know how to code. The truth is, mobile marketing is just the same as any other traffic source — in that you simply need to find offers to promote, and traffic sources to get exposure to them. It’s that simple!

The same holds true for anyone that already has a mobile app, or simple mobile traffic coming to their sites. There are still plenty of ways to take advantage of the massive ad spending in mobile right now.

Here’s an idea. What if there was a way you could monetize your traffic with optimized offers for mobile apps and subscriptions? Considering just how much time people are spending on their smartphones and tablets, you are essentially leaving loads of money on the table if you don’t consider this possibility.

Even though it can convert, a desktop offer usually doesn’t work that well for mobile traffic. That’s why it’s important to understand the complexities and particularities of mobile. Mobidea, a mobile-based affiliate marketing network, is focused on not only making money off the current mobile opportunity at hand but also providing their affiliates with the tools and resources they need to find success. 

In today’s review, we are going to dive deep into what the Mobidea affiliate network has to offer, while also showing you how to put all of their best offers and tracking features to use.


A Network in Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Most affiliate networks let you explore mobile offers from their inventory. For Mobidea, though, mobile is all the rage since the platform is 100% focused on this experience. Indeed, when you work with Mobidea you know you’re working with a company that’s completely dedicated to mobile affiliate marketing.

Mobidea Academy

Mobidea cares about providing a great experience for affiliates. They’re ready to work with you every step of the way. In fact, one of the best resources affiliates can really dive into is the Mobidea Academy. There, you can learn a lot about how affiliate marketing works, how to optimize your campaigns, and how to reap the greatest benefits by generating the most revenue possible.


It’s always great to see when affiliate networks go out of their way to create original resources and guides for their affiliates, as many others will simply leave them hanging. Mobidea Academy was created in May 2015, and covers some great material (over 40 articles) on what’s working today in affiliate marketing and how to get the most out of your ad campaigns. After sifting through the site, you will find numerous affiliate guides to tutorials analyzing the most diverse topics in Media Buying — all while catering to both newbies and advanced marketers.

The Mobidea Academy is really worth checking. Why? Because the articles are written by an experienced group of account managers and online analysts who know more about Media Buying than most self-called experts. Moreover, the website is constantly updated. In fact, you can check a brand new article every week. Soon, I’ve heard they’ll start accepting guest articles from savvy industry gurus. If you believe you have something valuable worth sharing or any topic you’d love to talk about, get in touch with them by sending an email to

FREE GUIDE: Mobidea’s Powerful  Media Buying Guide (Updated for 2016)

In addition to offering a ton of articles and resources, Mobidea also has a free downloadable media buying guide as well. Download this free guide to get the edge and find even more success in the fiercely competitive world of Media Buying!


You can subscribe to the Mobidea Academy using your email to make sure you don’t miss any of the knowledge being shared or you can visit the Mobidea Academy site directly to read the wealth of material and articles. Some recent topics include a case study on whitelists, a guide on everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, and an explanation of demand-side platforms (DSPs) and how they can work for you.

A Clean Affiliate Dashboard

After you’ve gone through the quick and easy process of signing up with Mobidea as a publisher, you’ll gain access to the main affiliate dashboard.


The clean and modern design means that everything is easy to access and understand. The left navigation dashboard automatically compresses into the simple icon view when not in use, but hovering your mouse over any portion of that vertical column will automatically expand it to reveal the main sections.

In the Mobidea affiliate dashboard, you gain access to reports that can show everything happening on your account, a number of smart tools for promoting offers, the actual searchable (and filterable) list of offers themselves, the cashier section for your payment preferences (available after you’ve generated 100 euros in revenue) and your account settings.

Below that, on your left, you can check frequently asked questions, understand how to get in touch with the support team, and become acquainted with Mobidea’s various social media accounts. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

On the bottom right, you can use the live chat, getting easy access to the support team. They’re a group of multicultural online analysts and affiliate marketing experts who always provide some great tips for users to increase their revenue. Unlike what happens on many other networks, Mobidea’s support is available every day, including on weekends.

Over 1,000 Mobile Offers on Mobidea

At the heart of any good affiliate network is its catalog of affiliate offers. As mentioned, Mobidea focuses exclusively on mobile offers. These consist of CPA and CPI offers. The CPA model is related to subscription services – you sign up for a service and are then charged for it. CPI is another game. This term refers to offers that convert when the user either downloads or installs the advertiser’s mobile app.

The offer section gives you access to many different offers that can be used with different types of traffic. Moreover, it’s important to realize Mobidea cares deeply for compliance. This is the reason why the approval process is in place. The company also focuses a lot of its efforts on business sustainability. Indeed, you can always rest assured, knowing every offer has been carefully tested.

In general, offers won’t accept incentivized traffic, for example, and they won’t allow any promotion that uses the word “free” as part of the marketing materials. You cannot use any copyrighted material and they will not allow promotion through chats or private messages on social media platforms. Be sure to read these rules carefully.


The list of offers – which you can preview without signing up – is heavily populated with a range of mobile games in particular. Considering just how popular gaming on smartphones and tablets has become, this should come as little surprise. This can also yield a fairly good conversion rate, as many of these games are also free downloads. They are monetized through in-app transactions (the “freemium” model) and that is why advertisers are willing to pay for the conversions.

Going through the list of mobile offers, you’ll also notice a couple of other key characteristics. Each offer is applicable only for a certain subset of carriers within specific countries. If you find that the majority of your traffic is coming from the United States, for example, you’ll want to find offers that are geo-targeted to that audience. Mobidea is very international. This means a wide range of geographic locations are covered.

It’s also important to note that you can’t just start promoting any given offer right away. You need to click on the corresponding “apply now” link for each offer, accepting the mandatory rules and indicating the traffic source you intend on using. This helps to ensure higher quality traffic for the advertiser, which in turn can yield better payments for publishers. The usual offer approval process lasts no more than 48 hours which means you can get started quite quickly.

Mobidea Smart Tools

It may be the case that you are not interested in promoting a specific offer and would rather use a more general link that is optimized for traffic, conversion and revenue. This is something Mobidea can deal with since there are a number of smart tools available to all affiliates.


The Smart Tools section is where you can experience one of Mobidea’s most impressive perks: the Smartlink®. Using Mobidea’s original, house-made technology, the Smartlink® is an advanced algorithm that will automatically optimize your traffic for optimal results. The link will be specific to you and will lead to the offer that the engine believes will perform the best for you.

There are Smartlinks available for mainstream, mainstream CPI, and adult traffic. The latter tends to offer a higher overall eCPM, but is naturally only applicable (and appropriate) for certain apps and web properties.


Beyond the simple Smartlink® are other promotional Smart Tools. The banners come in a few different sizes and effectively operate the same way as the Smartlinks. All you need to do is insert the iframe code where you would like the ad to appear.

Mobidea also offers redirects, popunders, and overlays, as well as “opportunities” for Smartlinks that target specific countries or carriers. Be careful when using redirects, as Mobidea points out they are “not compliant with the latest Google policies” and should only be used “in websites where SEO is not important.” Popunders and overlays are compliant with Google advertising policies, though.

Payment Methods

On Mobidea, affiliates get paid every day. This is something that’s truly special since you don’t get that on most networks. Another great thing about the platform is the fact that you can get paid however you like. Users can get their money via Wire Transfer, ePayments, PayPal, Payza, Paxum or Payoneer.

Coupon Code – 100% Revenue for the First 7 Days

Having worked alongside Mobidea, I wanted to make sure I had a special invite offer for all of my readers. Join Mobidea affiliate right now, and you will earn 100% revenue on all offers available through the network for the first 7 days of your account. After the first seven days of your account pass, commissions will go back to the regular 80% revenue share model. (THIS COUPON IS NO LONGER ACTIVE)

  1. Go to
  2. Insert your personal details;
  3. Insert the  ZACMOBIDEA” promo code in the respective field (see image);  (THIS COUPON IS NO LONGER ACTIVE)

Note: In case you sign up with Facebook or Google+, this promo code won’t be valid. If you make a mistake and sign up incorrectly, you don’t have to worry. What to do? Contact Mobidea’s support team and explain that you’ve reached Mobidea after reading this post.

  • Email:
  • Skype: support.mobidea

Mobile Money on the Go with Mobidea

If you’re ready to make more money from your mobile traffic and want to promote more mobile offers, sign up for Mobidea today. With over 1,000 mobile offers, auto-optimizing Smartlink technology, and a flat 80% revenue share model with an on-demand payment schedule, Mobidea is an attractive choice for many affiliate marketers all around the world.

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