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I’m continually blogging about the power of mobile marketing and how much money is being made with mobile apps. The numbers just continue to grow, and it won’t be long before the mobile device completely replaces everything in our wallets. As the mobile market continues to grow, so does the potential for earning more money. One affiliate network, Sponsormob, knows and understands the sheer power of mobile marketing and has made it the core of their business.

If you already have your hands in the mobile advertising market, you are already aware it’s not that easy to find great mobile offers. Sure, the major affiliate networks out there might have a few that you can select from, but wouldn’t it be great if you could just go to one network that focuses solely on mobile ad campaigns? That’s the focus at Sponsormob.

Three Ways to Make Money Using Sponsormob

Sponsormob is a CPA network for the mobile web, connecting mobile website publishers and advertisers globally.  In short, through a partnership with Sponsormob, affiliates, advertisers and developers can monetize their mobile traffic.

– Affiliate
Monetize mobile traffic and generate revenue.

When someone visits one of your web sites on their mobile device, what are they seeing? The internet is still well behind the advancement of mobile devices, and many web sites are still not compatible when being viewed on a mobile device. This is where you can make money with the monetization of web sites and mobile traffic. Once you login to the system you will see an array of mobile offers available for many different countries. From gaming offers to dating, iphone apps and mobile content… it’s all within the Sponsormob network. (more on affiliates)

– Advertiser
Advertise on mobile devices.All risk-free on a CPA basis.

As more people are using their mobile devices for every day use and shopping, it’s becoming a necessity for companies to get exposure on mobile devices. Through the developer and applications marketed through SponsorMob, advertisers can expand their reach and only pay for leads on a performance basis. Through the use of iPhones, iPads and Andriod devices, advertisers have access to over 10 billion world wide impressions per month. (more on advertisers)

– Developer
Monetize or promote your appsand profit with Sponsormob.

The developer side will always have a ton of opportunity and growth. Unfortunately the developers are usually not the best marketers, so this is where Sponsormob comes in. Creating an app and allowing Sponsormob to monetize through a cost per action basis, is an excellent way to generate revenue with any mobile app. (more on developers)

Sponsormob Network Breakdown

As you can see from the details above, it doesn’t matter what type of marketing or work you are doing in the mobile space, Sponsormob still has a plan to increase your mobile business. In addition to individual business plans, the following benefits are also available for affiliates, advertisers and developers.

  • Full mobile Analytics – view revenue sources by country, carrier, device, operating system, and ad
  • Real-time Reporting – statistics are updated hourly so that up-to-date details are readily available
  • Marketing Material – we provide creatives (banners, landing pages) to help you run successful campaigns
  • High earning Affiliates qualify for regular payment terms
  • Guaranteed support – our campaign managers are dedicated to your success and are always available to support you
  • Access to over 1,500+ offers, spread through out many different countries

If you are currently working in the mobile space, or have always wanted to, but didn’t know where to start, Sponsormob is one of the best places to get started. Sign up to their web site and they will quickly get back to you and help you get your campaigns moving.

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  1. Hello, Zac,
    as much as I am aware of the big business deals with mobile industry and mobile apps,I am still very old fashioned regarding them, as I prefer using them for their primary purpose-calling. Everything else is too much for me-if I do online shopping, I will not certainly make it over mobile phone, but over computer.I don't know why I keep refusing it, but I guess I am stubborn…and you know how they say…can't make an old dog learn new tricks.:)
    By the way, I like the name Sponsormob, it is very attention grabbing.
    My recent post Coward Shoes Coupon Code

    1. In the beginning, there were just web sites… now there are blogs and social networks… soon it will all be connected within mobile as well.

  2. I just don't understand one thing… Why is advertising risk-free on a CPA basis?
    Thank you, Qwen from iphone application development

    1. Hi Qwen,

      Advertising on CPA is risk-free because an advertiser only pays for confirmed leads or sales, unlike CPC or CPM in which they pay for clicks or impressions regardless of outcome.

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  3. Did it work for the market of online poker and casinos in mobile?
    what is the best platform to play and get players?
    android or iphone?
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  4. Hi, thanks for the great post. want to learn more about mobile affiliate marketing. thanks 🙂
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  5. I don't quite get it though. What kind of offers do people go for on mobile devices?

    Is it just like mobile offers to purchase mobile games and apps?
    My recent post Starting an Ecommerce Website in 2011 – Part 2

    1. Hi Paul,

      Well in general mobile entertainment (games, ring tones, wallpapers), dating offers and all kind of apps are performing really well. But there are also many other verticals growing fast, f.e. finance, gambling and shopping.

      In most cases, it's so much easier to pay for a service via your mobile since you do NOT have to enter full credit card information but only confirm a purchase with a single click and then will get billed via your phone bill. So it's really easy and convenient to buy stuff on your mobile! 🙂
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