How to Reach New Users and Monetize Web Push Notifications with ReachMobi

When it comes to building an audience and brand for yourself, you have a lot of options. This is something online businesses, bloggers, and content creators have to struggle with all of the time — finding out which is the best method of content creation, outreach, and monetization for them?

As the internet continues to move in different directions and new technologies allow for even more direct contact with audiences, it’s important to always stay ahead of the trends and make sure your business is adapting to it. One such movement as of lately has been in the world of ‘push notifications’ and the process of delivering engaging messages and content right to your audience.

Today we are going to take a look at how ReachMobi is making the process of building, engaging and monetizing mobile audiences through push notifications more effective than ever before.

How ReachMobi is Helping Brands Engage with Mobile Audiences

We all know mobile is quickly becoming the go-to platform for pretty much everything. Search engines and social networks are still drivers of massive traffic, but the massive swing in mobile growth is just taking over like nothing else. If you are still relying on other platforms and not fully focused on mobile marketing, you are already leaving way too much money on the table.

Everyone has their mobile device on them at all times, and whenever a new notification, phone call or text comes in… you know it’s getting checked right away. This is something that can’t be said of other forms of marketing, like social and email.

ReachMobi has created a solution where brands and marketers can connect with audiences no matter where they are or what they currently doing online — which is ‘web push notifications’. Web push is the new hotness. I can’t stress enough how much money you’re losing by not giving ReachMobi’s Web Push a serious look.

More often than not, you will likely have noticed a new form of popup notifications on some of your favorite websites and blogs asking if you would like to receive notifications of future promotions or site updates. You will likely have also noticed that they don’t ask for your email, and instead ask a simple YES or NO — this is where the value in push notifications come in.

ReachMobi has created a solution that allows anyone to create a campaign to push real-time notifications to users, making them perfectly targeted at the right time at the right place.

With monetization and engagement always in mind, this is a dream come true for any marketers, brands or content creators looking for that next big step in boosting conversions and ROI. Not only is it a new channel for marketing, it’s also a method of contact that has a huge engagement rate — while also being permission based.

Getting the Most Out of Push Notifications

Even if you aren’t actively using push notifications for your online brand or business, you are likely already using them on your mobile device. Everything from Facebook notifications, application updates and game notifications can all fall into this category.

This can tell us two things about push notifications — the first being that people are now used to them and are willing to accept them through their mobile devices. The second is that such notifications need to provide value, or they will quickly become annoying and removed or unsubscribed to immediately.

Since we are all familiar with the concept of mobile push notifications, the way they work for online brands or businesses is quite similar, except that they are pushed through a web browser. (Web Push Notifications) As a user is browsing the internet or on their computer, they may receive a notification that appears on the top right of their screen (maybe on the latest article that just went live on their favorite blog).

You can see a screenshot below on some of the most important elements to consider when creating an effective push notification for your site or brand.

Again, quite similar to the way notifications are displayed on a mobile device, ‘push notifications’ will have an image, title, message and link. As always, you would want to set these up so they are not only providing as much value as possible but also to grab the attention of the user in as limited space/characters as possible.

How ReachMobi Does Push Notifications Better

Just like setting up a mailing list or newsletter for your site, you are going to need to have a list hosting provider. When it comes to setting up and hosting a push notification on your site, ReachMobi acts as that solution.

Here are the three things ReachMobi’s web push notification solution does for your business:

  • Grow Your Audience: As an advertiser, it can be difficult to get to the right user at the right time with the right message. Web push notifications overcome these hurdles, giving you the chance to reach out and form meaningful, long-term connections with your prospective audience. ReachMobi already works with such top brands as Car and Driver, Cosmopolitan, and Elle.
  • Re-Engage Your Audience: Loyal users are hard to find and even harder to keep. If you have a rich media website and someone has been reading your content, ReachMobi allows you to re-engage that audience to keep them coming back. This way, a one-time reader can turn into a lifetime subscriber.
  • Monetize Your Audience: This is the thing that ReachMobi does that nobody else in the industry is doing. ReachMobi enables you to monetize your users by serving advertisers within your specific content vertical. They have strong relationships with direct advertisers as well as premium search partners and use cutting edge technology, big data, and advanced analytics to programmatically match the most relevant advertising with the exact audience most likely to respond.

In addition to helping site partners and brands with the push notification process, ReachMobi has also been able to help customers with growing their audiences as well. Through the use of their own technology and platform, ReachMobi currently has an audience of over 15 million monthly active users.

Because of their long-standing relationships with their advertisers and search partners, ReachMobi has been able to insert content specific advertising into web push, which is something nobody else is offering. This alone makes ReachMobi #1 in web push innovation.

While the concept of push notifications might seem new or out-of-the-norm for some advertisers or brands, it’s simply the next wave of communication and engagement that is going to take place in the next several months. Many sites have already made the move to push notifications, and they are the ones who are seeing the early adoption and benefits of it.

If you’d like to learn more about the many benefits or different ways to monetize web push notifications, you can read through any of the resource guides and articles found on the ReachMobi website.

When it comes to push notifications, there are other options out there, however, ReachMobi is currently the only web push notification solution that was built and focused on monetization. Notifications can be sent out with your own content, but the option is also there to place advertisements within such notifications as well. Such advertising messages would be targeted specifically to the audience and vertical you are currently targeting — making it both beneficial for the site owner, advertiser and the audience receiving such messages.

Publishers would receive a share of the revenue generated from ads served from ReachMobi, which cover a wide range of top-tier premium advertisers along with a mix of Google and Yahoo elite advertisers as well. To take part in this promotion, partners must allow ReachMobi to send one monetized push notification per day. As the site owner or partner, you can send as many personal notifications as you like.

With over 15 million users connected through ReachMobi, you can be rest assured they already have a high-quality selection of advertisers in place — while also offering the option to advertise your own products or services as well.

How to Get Started with ReachMobi Push Notifications

As a publisher, it’s extremely easy to get started with ReachMobi. All it takes is a few minutes to sign up and then insert a snippet of Javascript to your site, and then you are pretty much done with the setup process. If this still seems to be out of your norm, the ReachMobi team is always there to help as well.

Once your account is live and you’ve placed the code to your site, it’s then time to start creating and scheduling in your site notifications.

For those of you wondering how much it costs to take advantage of a solution like ReachMobi, it’s actually 100% free. As mentioned earlier, there are other paid options for setting up push notifications on websites, but they often don’t come with free or monetization-based options.

ReachMobi is open to all publishers and is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari (desktop) and Android.

Get started today by filling out a short form and ReachMobi will get back to you as soon as possible.

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