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I’ve actually had a lot going on lately and wanted to keep you updated. Here are some of the new projects I have in the works.

– Today I was contacted by John Chow and he wanted to know if I was interested in running his TTZ Media Ads program (while it’s in beta). I have seen the banners (preview shown on the right) on his blog and a few others and wondered how it would perform vs. other networks like Adsense and Auction Ads. Depending on the volume of click I can send, this may be a nice new revenue source for my network of sites. I will start testing the offer this week and keep you updated.

– I recently started working on a free online gaming site I’ve had for a few years now. Unfortunately I’ve been focusing more on other sites and it’s been quite some time since I’ve touched the one. At one point it was a decent ranked web site and receiving some traffic. Now the site is ranked 8,853,239 on Alexa and receiving around 100 visitors per day. This will definitely be a fun challenge to see how fast I can grow the site and bring it into a top 100,000 Alexa ranked gaming site.

– Search arbitrage is a huge market and a ton of affiliates and publishers are using to heavily push traffic to CPA type offers. I’ve tried in the past and unfortunately I get frustrated and never really committed too much time into the cpc/seo market. I just opened a new 7Search account to try and start promoting some of my own network sites. While 7Search may be known for delivering lesser than quality traffic, I would still like to see how it performs for a content based site. I’ll keep you updated on the progress and see if it’s worth the time and money.

– I’ve been keeping an eye on PayPerPost lately. I’m seeing a decent amount of blogs making comparisons between PayPerPost and ReviewMe, mainly that PPP only takes 10% of a review’s cut, while ReviewMe takes 50%. If you take a look at the PayPerPost site, you will see they now feature their "Top Bloggers this Month", and right now they are all at the $800 range… which means they should end up with around $1500 by month’s end. This is pretty good for posting paid reviews. I will look into this more deeply and post a detailed review on their setup vs. Review Me soon.

– I have always loved gambling and I’m even a certified dealer in nearly all casino games. (I took all the classes for fun at a local casino school :)) Since I live in New Jersey, I visit Atlantic City a lot… and I also hit up Vegas every year while at Affiliate Summit West. I’ll soon be adding a new category to the site, "Gambling". In addition to "Making Money", this blog is also about myself… so any posts in this category will keep you updated on my gambling adventures to AC and other casinos around the globe. I’ll also keep you informed on the best casinos to visit and how to score some free rooms and comps! You’d be surprised at how much you can actually get "comp’d" and receive from casinos after a little game play.

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  1. Zac – Did you decide to drop the DoFollow plugin you mention on your feed? I installed it recently and it’s an excellent choice. Not only does it encourage people to comment but it rewards them with some link love. I hope that the reason it’s been dropped from the post is because you’re planning on making it a separate post…

  2. Thanks for the update =)

    I personally prefer PPP and I think that they will perform better than ReviewMe in time to come.

  3. Hi Zac,
    IMHO Both ReviewMe and Pay per post have their own niches. ReviewMe should give out more percentage than just 50%.

    It was good to hear about your gambling section comming out.

    Good Luck

  4. Id love to be making 1500 a month too writing reviews. After the PR update I hope I can get up close to that total

  5. hey just signed up to PPP via your tinyurl – i'm guessing that's your affiliate link 🙂

  6. I had a bad experience with PayPerPostMaybe. They accepted my site and after I wrote several reviews they declined them and wrote me that my site wasn't acceptable. Next thing I knew my account username no longer existed. Their service team is lazy and wastes your time. ReviewMe accepts and pays.

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