Money Making Holidays are Here

Right now we are about to go full swing into the fun time of the year when people just love to start spending a ridiculous amount of money on anything! Here are some of the big dates coming up, that you should be preparing for and taking advantage of.

  • November 23 – Black Friday
  • November 26 – Cyber Monday
  • December 20 – “When It Absolutely, Positively, Needs to Be There” Last Ship Date
  • December 20-25 – Target Last Minute Shoppers
  • December 26 – Post-Holiday Sales

Every year I have ideas that I want to setup and implement, but it just seems like it creeps up so far every year, and I am back in the same position the next year. Were you able to come up with any great ideas to cash in on this years 4th quarter of massive profits? There is still plenty of time to take advantage of this annual shopping extravaganza. There are a ton of CPA deals that you can throw onto your site and start pushing through ppc marketing. NeverBlueAds just added a new offer, "Personalization Mall Christmas Ornaments", which pays almost a $10 commission every time someone orders a customized Christmas tree ornament. Setup a ppc campaign on Google, Yahoo or MSN and start cashing in. There are so many ways for you to cash in this holiday. I haven’t started setting up any ppc campaigns yet, but I promise you… I will be ready before this month ends!

Even if you haven’t come up with a killer idea to make money off this holiday season, it doesn’t mean that still can’t make out with all the killer offers from everyone else. I came across these two sites for some sweet Black Friday and Holiday discounts and offers. Feel free to post your holiday promotion ideas or any other coupon/deals sites you have come across.

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  1. Me too, I seems to buy things without thinking this time of the year. Got to curb my enthusiasm this year and make money off others this time around.

  2. I’m putting together a Cigar Gift Guide as a static page with some links to my affiliate thrown in with the rest of my direct sponsors. I’m considering buying some Ad spots on Google but they can be touchy about PPC for tobacco products so I have to be careful how I word the ads.

  3. if i ever figure out ppc, i will go for it. im dying to try it, but dont quite fully understand it yet. sounds like fun, though.

    thx for your visit earlier at groovy veg. missy.

  4. I’m still learning the whole PPC game. Once I feel comfortable, I am definitely going for it.

  5. My favorite days! But prefer to advertise from Comission Juction than neverblueads… May be next year…

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