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Today I was thinking, what’s something really cool I could add to my blog that would help make people even more money? Marketing Tools! Everyone loves stats, and even more to try and beat your best numbers. Your stats can be anything from Alexa ranking, where you are listed in the search engines, or even how fast your blog is growing. I put together a quick list of sites that have really been helpful over the past few years. Some of them you may have heard of, some may be new to you. The list is short, but will be continually growing as I come across new sites and hear from you guys with new submissions and feedback. To visit the new “Marketing Tools” page, you can click here or simply find the “Tools” link in the header of all pages. Please feel free to comment with any other cool tools and helpful web sites you have come across.

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  1. Nice list, I knew most of them, but a few are new. Thanks for the links.

  2. Knew all of those apart from the rankalert one, thats a nice little site. Thanks

  3. I would say that I'm fairly new to the online world and blogging. I use Google Webmaster tools, and Google trends is really cool as well. The MarketLeap Search Engine Marketing Tools I didn't know about and is helpful to see how many linkbacks etc. you have.

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