Money “Reigns” at Market Leverage

I remember when a good friend of mine introduced Market Leverage to me a few years ago. Since joining them years back, I have been able to earn thousands of dollars in revenue with their network and high paying offers. I recently met up with Debby Banning (Digital Media Relations for ML) and talked with her about running some new offers on the network and what new projects they have in the works. If you are ever able to attend Affiliate Summit, AdTech or any of the other big conferences or net shows, Market Leverage always has a presence.

Some highlights of the Market Leverage network are easy access to their “Top 20” performing offers on the network and a rewards program that pays out in American Express gift cards each month. Another excellent and unique feature of Market Leverage, is how they are standing out from other networks, by producing their own weekly videos (known as MLTV), where actual company staff and affiliate managers highlight new offers and what you should be running to make the big bucks.

Can You Spot Your Market Leverage Affiliate Manager?

The Market Leverage team was cool enough to request some MoneyReign shirts and take a picture of them all supporting their favorite affiliate 🙂 . If you aren’t currently a member of Market Leverage, I highly recommend you join their network and take a look at their high paying offers. Also, if you are currently working with ML, please feel free to leave any comments or experience you’ve had with the company.

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  1. That's a pretty good way of gaining attention and links for a cheap price.

    I've already seen them do it with Shoemoney and now you. I think it benefits both parties really. You give them a nice mention and promote the company and it looks great for you because 15 people are in a picture wearing YOUR tshirt. Nice. Now maybe they'll snap up some WTW tshirts as well.

    Hope all is well.

  2. nice nice! they did it with problogger too! crazy nice way to get attention quite viral I say

  3. Nice, I'll have to check them out, good to hear a personal recommendation as there are so many networks out there!

  4. Just joined them today, but they are a bit confusing in the publisher section for me!

    Will have to explore more reviews and see how it actually works.

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