Motivation for the New Guys

I’ve been making money online for over 10 years now, and the reason I started this blog is because I want to share valuable information with everyone so they can start doing the same. Making money online can be fun and exciting, but very intimidating in the beginning as well. For the first couple of years I was making money online without spending a dime on advertising. How is this possible? What I would do was focus on designing very high content quality celebrity sites. This was a very time consuming task as I was still fairly new and made hundreds… if not thousands of straight html pages. Where did I make money? The celebrity content was mainly made up of content from, as I was in their associates program. The content from the site would index so well in the search engines, that’s where I would get all of my free traffic. I ended up producing over $100,000 in sales for and earning at commissions at their 5%-15% rate. During this time they were only selling books, movies and music. Back then it was funny because sent out quarterly reports, they didn’t have the login area for you to just check stats whenever you wanted. In addition to sales, I was also able to place "free trial offers" on the site as well, where I would be paid a small commission per lead. I would go on with this process over the next couple years and continue tweaking my sites more and more as I learned more about making money online as well as new offer types came out.

The point of this post is to let you know that some serious money can be made online without having to spend big bucks or worry about setting up big advertising campaigns. You simply need to think of a great idea that is unique or something everyone could want and use. It also doesn’t hurt to work on something you are interested in. I’m sure if I was making a ton of pages on a boring topic I wouldn’t have been as motivated to make the pages. With celebrities you always have a cycling of new search engine activity as new movies come out and whom they star. I actually had fun working on pages and seeing all the different movies that celebrities had been in. Do what you enjoy and the money will follow… same applies for making money online!

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  1. Taking your lead, I've setup a few online shopping sites using the amazon associates program, and I've got to say it's been very rewarding. You definitely said some good stuff when you mentioned how well you can get the stuff indexed. I've got a pr5 which is decent for an amazon associate.

    If my traffic stays up, I'll make a few thousand from amazon too, although I don't know if I'll reach that $100,000 as easily as you did. There is lots of competition today, but i'm confident if i keep at it, I'll reach my own personal goals (chillax at home, keep my bills paid, buy crap every now and then).



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