Motive Interactive Contest Winners

Last month’s promotion for Motive Interactive was a great success. Not only did it bring in a bunch of new affiliates for the network, but a good amount of them earned a few extra thousands of dollars using their network offers.

Four new affiliates that were referred to Motive Interactive last month, earned enough commissions to receive a free XBox 360 Premium Bundle Pack.

In addition to the tier commission prizes, the following bloggers also won prizes for their participation in the blog contest. – $100 Cash – Flip HD Mino Camera – 16 GB iPod Nano

Motive Interactive will probably be back with their promotion again next month, but in the meantime, look for a new contest promotion starting up on Monday. This contest will be open to everyone, and is not limited to just affiliates and new sign ups. There will be plenty of big prizes up for grabs.

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  1. Congrats Chris and Jeremy, glad to see you guys won. It's surprising how many people won't take a few minutes to enter a contest with $100+ prizes.

  2. hopefully I can make the next competition..congrats to those that won, next time your gonna have some competition he he he

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