Must See Speakers at Affiliate Summit NY 2010

We are just a few short weeks away from Affiliate Summit East 2010 in New York City at the fabulous Hilton. The NY Hilton is well known in the affiliate industry for hosting large events like AdTech.

There’s an elite crowd of affiliate marketer veterans who can proudly say they have attend nearly every Affiliate Summit. I remember being at the first Affiliate Summit conference in NY way back in 2004, which also included a short three day cruise to Halifax, Canada. The majority of attendees all knew each other very well, and there were probably less than 200 people in attendance. Jump ahead to 2010 and Affiliate Summit is still growing in size year after years… now with THOUSANDS of attendees.

After attending so many Affiliate Summit conferences, some of the speakers would focus on the same topics year after year. If you’ve attended Affiliate Summit for several years, or a veteran in this game, the sessions could get tedious and slow. I was glad to see Affiliate Summit change the speaker setup this year and allow for a voting platform and bring in some new faces.

Going to Affiliate Summit East and not sure which sessions to attend? Here are a few sessions and speakers I am looking forward.

Sunday, August 15

Fast Track Your Business with Outsourcing
James Martell, President, Net Guides Publishing Inc. (Twitter @jamesmartell)
Session 1b – Location: Murray Hill Suite – Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm

Zac’s Thoughts: I’ve never personally met James Martell, or purchased any of his products, but this guy is all over the place. His name and face should be familiar to most of you if you have a year or more under your belt in the internet marketing world. I’d also like to see what James has to say about outsourcing and his personal experiences.


New Lead Generation Models: Social-Mobile-Viral
– Declan Dunn, CEO, Dunn Direct Media (Twitter @declandunn)
Session 2b – Location: Murray Hill Suite – Time: 1:30pm-2:30pm

Zac’s Thoughts: I’ll tell you right now, Declan Dunn is one of the hidden gems at Affiliate Summit this year. I first met Declan back at CJU in 2000 and have been close friends with him since. Whatever Declan touches turns to gold, and he is one of the smartest guys I know. I’m sure Declan will have some great case studies with numbers that will blow your mind. After this session you won’t be able to wait to get back to your computer and start killing it with new ad campaigns. You can not miss this session!


Affiliate Tactics, Opportunities, and Traffic Comparisons
– Kim Kaplan, Vice President, Plentyoffish
Session 3d – Location: Sutton Complex (South & Regent) – Time: 3:00pm-4:00pm

Zac’s Thoughts: PlentyOfFish is finally getting the recognition it deserves, but at the same time that means more advertisers and affiliates will flow on it’s ad network. If you got in early when Facebook was “the new ad platform”, PoF has given many affiliates a flash to the past with that same type of success. It would have been great to see Markus Frind (PoF Founder) speak at the event, but it’s good to see the company making an apperance. Maybe next year Markus?


Monday, August 16

Turn Website & Social Media Traffic Into Gold
– Jay Berkowitz, CEO, Ten Golden Rules (Twitter @JayBerkowitz)
Session 4b – Location: Murray Hill Suite – Time: 11:30am-12:30pm

Zac’s Thoughts: Jay Berkowitz is another great success story, however one of my favorite things about Jay is how he creates his slide presentations. Unlike other speakers that have a lot of text and dead time going from topic to topic, Jay really knows how to hit all of his points and get your brain going. Don’t be surprised if Jay shows up with a killer presentation and 70+ slides!


Facebook Advertising From Soup To Nuts
– Jeremy Schoemaker, Marketer, ShoeMoney Capital INC (Twitter @shoemoney)
Session 5a – Location: Gramercy Suite – Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm

Zac’s Thoughts: Jeremy is like the “Kevin Bacon” of internet marketing… it seems everyone is connected to him in some way or another. You are either promoting his latest coaching program, or he introduced you to that new contact that just might help get you to that next level. Love him or hate him, Jeremy is a great guy and will probably end up with a “standing room” only session. Get to this one early!


Crowdsource Your Success
– Matt Mickiewicz, Co-Founder, 99designs, Flippa & SitePoint (Twitter @sitepointmatt)
Session 6b – Location: Murray Hill Suite – Time: 3:30pm-4:30pm

Zac’s Thoughts: If you are hesitant about skipping this session, just look at the resume after Matt’s name. Here you have the co-founder of 99Designs, Flippa and Sitepoint. “Nuff Said!”… Three amazing sites that I still use today, and I’m sure many of you do as well.


How Bloggers Can Successfully Connect with Audiences
Session 9b – Location: Murray Hill Suite – Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm

* Kristopher B. Jones, Founder & President, (Twitter @krisjonescom) (Moderator)
* Drew Bennett, Blogger/Photographer, (Twitter @BenSpark)
* Tim Jones, Co-Owner, Destinations To Explore, Inc. (Twitter @TheRealTimJones)
* Murray Newlands, Co-Founder, Influence People (Twitter @murraynewlands)
* Eric Schechter, Social Media Manager, Clickbooth (Twitter @EricSchechter)

Zac’s Thoughts: Here’s a good panel for any bloggers out there. Besides from the fact that everyone on this panel is a good friend of mine, they all have established a name for themselves through blogging and making the right connections. Panels usually swing both ways on whether they provide decent content, so make sure to stick around and talk to these guys after the event for future business.


All in all, this coming Affiliate Summit in New York City should be another great event. Make the right connections and bring your business to another level.

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  1. Makes me even more sad that I don't live in the US. I wish the UK could attract this kind of event. 🙂

  2. I'm looking forward to his FB session. I'm actually a reader here from when you did the FB session with him at ASW09 🙂 Oh, and I heard you just won an iPad – congrats.

  3. Shoemoney is the man! I read his blog everyday! He is the money making anti money making king.

  4. Thanks for including me Zac, I wish I only had to do 70 slides for my presentation, I always have more than 100 🙂

    I am a big fan of James, Declan and Shoe, and I will take your advice and seek out Kim and Matt as well.

    I hope to see you in NYC!


  5. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-118795" rel="nofollow">@Jay Berkowitz:

    You always have a great presentation. The hard work you put in definitely shows!

  6. I’m hoping to be there this year. If so, Imma have a few people Imma want to meetup with, Jeremy Schoemaker being one of ‘em

  7. This will be our first year to attend and I'm getting excited about all of the people this event brings together for the week. Does Plentyoffish have a twitter? I couldn't find the certified link?

  8. I love that you compare ShoeMoney to Kevin Bacon. Sounds like a ton of good information happening at Affiliate Summit NY.

  9. Make sure to swing by my Android Affiliate Mobile Marketing session at least for a bit during Shoe's.

    Jeremy puts on a great presentation & his session's are always packed so stop by for a breather and double up for your ASE value 🙂

    I would also recommend Wil Reynolds link session that Monday morning & Rae Hoffman, Michael Gray, Michael Strekos SEO site review that afternoon.

  10. Hey Zac, thanks for the mention. Much appreciated.

    Declan and Jay are alway a highlights for me. I saw Shoe in Denver at AffCon 2010 but unfortunately he was talking on compliance and tax stuff. I am looking forward to hearing him talk about the fun stuff. I hear he's great.

    I look forward to hearing Matt as well. His resume screams loudly that he knows what he's doing.

    I would also recommend Lisa Picarille, Jen Goode, Adam Riemer and of course Jim Kukral.

  11. I am a big fan of James, Declan and Shoe, and I will take your advice and seek out Kim and Matt as well.

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