My Blog Readers Have Earned Over $100,000!

It’s really awesome to have a blog that people read every day to better themselves for making money online. I really love getting emails from my readers on how much some of my articles have helped them, or how I offer all of my advice and experiences for free, vs. trying to sell you an ebook. What’s even better than hearing from you guys, is being able to see the actual money generating power of the blog. While going over some numbers with NeverBlueAds, we noticed that my referrals, through this blog, to their network… have generated over $100,000 in commissions! As of today, $111,414.00 to be exact!

HTML clipboard “Its great to see that Zac’s hard work has been paying off for him as he has just passed the 2K affiliate referral commissions mark. Even greater is the realization that new webmasters who have been referred by have now made over $100,000 with the Neverblue Ads affiliate network. We’re excited that we can work together with affiliates like Zac to spread the affiliate marketing word and bring steady income to entrepreneurs worldwide who are looking to make a living for themselves online.”
Tina Chien
Business Development Manager

Not only has this generated a massive amount of new business for NeverBlueAds, but to see that my loyal blog readers have actually earned $100,000 for themselves is just awesome! This blog is still less than a year old, and the potential is limitless! I want to thank all of you for reading and I look forward to receiving many more emails on your success stories and hitting your new revenue goals!

If this isn’t a “call to action“, I don’t know what is. I’ve been recommending the NeverBlueAds Network for quite some time now, and having these numbers to back up my recommendation just solidifies everything. If you aren’t currently an affiliate, I would apply right now.

(DISCLAIMER: As much as I would like for everyone who reads this to make money, I’m sure it isn’t possible. This is simply a disclaimer to state that I have no affiliation with NeverBlueAds, beyond the aspect of being an affiliate. Zac Johnson and are in no way responsible for your actions, gains or losses from ppc marketing after reading this guide. Please feel free to ask or comment with any questions or comments you may have.)

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  1. I thought azoogle was the top network, when I got accepted to them, I was so excited, but after looking through their offers, payouts and display pages, I feel like neverblue is actually #1, I also got accepted to pepperjam today, they are looking promising, but need more offers.

    All I have to say is, Neverblue is the best, hands down. I also have a cool affiliate manager.

  2. Wow, that is amazing Zac. The only small problem I have with NeverBlue is that they are a little short on UK campaigns and promotions, which leaves me to promote US campaigns. Whilst these have the volume, I would like to promote something a little closer to home.

    Other than that though, they are a great network (and I’m glad they’re earning you some nice income after all the great posts you’ve been writing).

  3. Hey Zac,

    That's great! I've had a niche blog online since early last year… but I didn't start focusing on it until about November of '07.

    I found your blog a couple weeks back… signed up for a bunch of affiliate networks… and have had success on my 2nd campaign (the first one really sucked)… but the second one… I sent it through Yahoo directly to the affiliate offer. Since I set it up last week, it's been converting at almost 13% @ $3 per free profile… and I'm getting an over 300% return on my ppc costs.

    I bought 14 domains the other day and I'm starting to build a niche site around this offer so I can drive a bit more traffic… (as you know… google won't let me link directly to the affiliate landing page).

    Another cool thing… people really need to be doing reviews and videos. I did 2 test videos last week and used a bit of my "magic"… I've raked in (not a lot of money… but good for a start) $178 since last Wednesday w/ these videos. Once again… none of it's a lot of money yet… but I'm excited at the possibilities and am ramping everything up in the next couple weeks.

    People need to look at it this way…

    How many ways out there on the net do you think you can make just $10 a day? I've thought of a ton. For one, keep looking for CPA offers that you can test, tweak, and ramp up to get that $10/day (at minimum… should be able to profit more than that for each successful campaign), do 1-2 reviews a week (and promote them the right way), have a bit of google adsense.

    Now, at $10/day… do you think you can build just 20 of these $10/day income streams? Think about it… 20 isn't that much. Create 1 a week for the next 5 months (at the minimum)… and all of the sudden you're making $6k/ month online. Improve the profitability to $15/day for just 20 income streams… that's $9k/month.

    Anyhow, that's all simple math… that's what I needed to do to make it seem more attainable and real to me. Since then, that's what I've been concentrating on. Creating income streams that send me at least $15 a day. They really add up.

    Well… I'll quit boring you… keep up the good work Zac and I'm sure I'll chat w/ you soon.


    Trevor M.

  4. Wow. That is great. Time for me to raise that total. NBA's is by far my favorite navigating networks. Just simple and easy to get started with…

  5. In a industry that was used to not sharing tips. Its nice to see your efforts have helped out so many affiliates.


    Affiliate Manager

  6. Zac,

    Really good stuff.

    You're becoming the next Darren Rowse, Jeremy Schoemaker, or John Chow!

    I should mention to your readers that you are also one of the top referrers of new affiliates to Pepperjam Network. Today marks the two week anniversary of the launch of Pepperjam Network and since then you've referred more new affiliates to us than 90% of the other publishers in our referral program.

    In addition, your referrals (aka, your readers) are very high quality.


  7. I would I was one of them. I started at the moment some projects to see wether it is generating money or not. So let us see what the time is bring me in revenue? I hope much today.

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