My Blog Readers Have Earned Over $500,000!

Written by Zac Johnson
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Less than a year ago, I wrote a post on how my blog readers have generated over $100,000 in earnings for themselves through NeverBlue. Last week I was looking over my stats again, and saw that my referrals to NeverBlue, (through this blog), have now earned over half a million dollars for themselves! Not only is this very impressive and rewarding for myself and NeverBlue, but it also shows the continuing growth in affiliate marketing and the amount of people moving towards working for themselves online.

“Congratulations to Zac on reaching the $10k affiliate referral commission mark with Neverblue this month!! To date Zac has sent approximately 1400 affiliates to Neverblue and the number keeps increasing. It is awesome to see that Zac’s referral have made over $500,000 in revenue with us. We are excited to keep growing with the affiliates and help Super Affiliates like Zac reach the $1 MILLION milestone!”
Tina Chien
Business Development Manager

With the latest milestone of $500,000+ in earnings from my blog readers, this just solidifies my reasoning for starting a blog. With so many ebooks and sales programs out there, I created this blog with the intention to offer everything I could for free, and that is just paying off more and more every day. The emails and response I receive from readers is astounding. Living the life of an affiliate marketer is truly amazing, and I look forward to seeing more of you accomplish the dream of working for yourself and becoming financially independent!

Thank you to all of my readers.

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32 Replies to “My Blog Readers Have Earned Over $500,000!”

  1. Congratulations. That is amazing. I myself am having a little difficulty getting NeverBlue ads to go to the campaigns that I am promoting. A lot of redirects. But I am going to get it worked out soon.

  2. Great work Zac.

    Hey, are you having the market leverage contest to talked abut last week?

  3. 1400 affiliates? Damn, you pimp!

    Congrats on the $500,000 milestone. I’ll race you to the $1M mark… I should be there in about 3 months!

  4. Wow, that is amazing milestone. Congratulations to you, but to all readers that made money also :). It is very encouraging to see this numbers.

  5. Zac,

    Awesome! That is an astounding amount of $$ in a short time frame.

    I'm planning a massive donation launch this week. Will DM on Twitter before so you can take a peek and maybe mention my effort?

    I'm not at the profit stage yet, building my brand and giving away as you have demonstrated to us all.


    Nicholas Chase – 'the video guy' at BlogWorld Expo 2008

    It was inspirational meeting you at BlogWorld Expo and the ML dinner.

  6. Congrats on making 10k off of it, but overall it doesn't seem that impressive for the affiliates under you. If they earned it over the entire year, that would be $357 earned per affiliate for the year. But I will say this is great info to know as I've thought about referring people via my opt-in list.

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  10. That is awesome! Great job earning those affiliate commissions. Let us know when you hit the million mark.

  11. This is some great earnings man! I am working hard to reach this kind of money. Affiliate programs are the best of passive income. How you reach to million dollar milestone in 2009.

  12. It might help those newer at Never Blue to have suggested reading sites other than Zac, Shoe or Chow.

  13. $500,000 was earned through multilevel affiliate marketing which will turn out to be similar to a "Pyramid-scam"? Whose earning more? I don't know. But anyway, congratulations for earning alot from this.

  14. Cool. Usually I see posts talking about how much a blogger's made. This is the first one I've seen which talks about how much a blog's readers have made. Great idea. 🙂

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