My First Review Me Order

While at my girlfriend’s house I decided to check my email through my palm treo. I was very surprised and excited to see my first Review Me order! The review was ordered up by BloggingTips, which will soon be reviewed. Once I arrived back home I checked my email again and went to ReviewMe for more information. It looks like my blog is featured on their main page as one of their “HOT Today’s Best!“. As mentioned in my previous “Get Paid to Blog” post, I don’t promote the Review Me badge on my blog, but should any review orders come in through the Review Me Directory, I would be thrilled! (if you would like to order a review, please click here.)

As the blog continually grows and more posts are added, (which are hopefully giving you new ideas and motivation to make money), I’ve decided that starting in July I will attempt to make money off this blog, while making a case study out of it. Not so much for financial gain, but to further support my continuing mission to help YOU make more money! One of the hottest topics on JohnChow’s blog, is his end of the month earnings review. After ordering well over $1500 n reviews myself for this blog, many have stated they would also like to see the same type of information on this blog.

The last thing I want is for this blog to be seen as a commercial web site, and possibly lose visitors because of too many ads or loss of personalization and information. This blog is backed up with MY NAME and that is something I WILL NOT tarnish. I look forward to bringing you the best new affiliate programs and ways to make money online. This latest Review Me order has only made me even more motivated to grow this blog and help you make even more money! I have a lot of cool sites, promotions and ideas in the works, so stay tuned and stay motivated!

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  1. Congrats for the first ReviewMe order, Zac =)

    I am glad that you will not turn this blog into a commercial site as I enjoy your posts so far. Keep up the good work!

  2. This blog is very distinctively ‘you’ (even though I have no idea what ‘you’ actually means). Don’t make the mistake of trying to make this like John’s. There’s is a lot of negative criticism now about John’s blog not being what it ‘used to be’…

  3. Hi Zac,
    I have been soaking some valuable nuggets from your site lately, I am interested to know how the review me process goes for you.


  4. Congrats! I’m still waiting for my first order, but my blog isn’t a very big deal yet. You have a great site already, and I’m glad your pride will keep the quality in check.

  5. congrats i just finished reviewing his blog yesterday

    check it out 🙂

    Blogging Tips Review

  6. Nice, everyone likes making a little more money here and there :D. But, my brother and I have a pretty cool plan we hope to get started by the next google PR update. We are going to try to work really hard, to get to a PR of 6 and alexa ranking under 10k. Then the PPP offers that offer around 250-350 dollars will be available for us to do. We will sign up for those offers and make a good chunk of change to pay for dedicated server costs etc. But first thing first, we need to get a PR of 6 and lower our alexa ranking

    1. thats most peoples goal who use PPP :p

      thats what i am aiming for 🙂

  7. wow…didnt realise i had ordered the first review 🙂

    i didnt actually see your blog as the ‘todays best blog’ – i recently added your blog to my reader and i searched for it on reviewme. when i found your blog i was very happy with the price. There are so many blogs on there that price themselves out.

  8. Being a small blog, I have to log in to 'Review Me' and find advertisers, but I love the service. I run a 'review' style blog anyway, so the material fits without being out of place. I love how they will not make you 'sell your soul,' and you're free to criticize if need be. Congratulations, and I can't wait until I get one of those emails!

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