My Goal: Dunk By the Summer

I love basketball and I play around 3-6 hours every other day at my local LA Fitness gym. For the longest time now I have been promising myself to get into better shape and train to be able to dunk. Right now I’m 5"11 and 190lbs. I still need to add around 8-12 inches to my vertical to make this happen. I figure now is a better than ever to make a promise to all my blog readers and everyone to come across this site, that I WILL DUNK A BASKETBALL BY SUMMER. More than anything this is a personal goal, but it makes it even more of a goal that I have made a post to thousands of viewers, and to keep my promise to them. To make it even more exciting, once I am able to dunk, I will throw a random contest of some sort to my blog readers. Something like $50 CASH to five random posters of the forum. I will keep you updated and post a video once it happens!

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  1. Hey Zac,

    You should buy jump soles from jumpusa dot com
    they will increase your vertical. I used them and I was able to increase my vert about 4 inches. Also my first step is faster off the pivot

  2. Interesting.. you should post updates on your vertical and what exercises you've been doing. I used to wear 5kg ankle weights around school and play ball in them. I don't think it did much. I think just jumping around as much as often as you can naturally strengthens the right muscles. I'm 5'7 and used to be able to get my wrist over a full height ring but my problem was not being able to palm the ball – damn it!

    good luck!

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