My Trip to Florida and the NBA Finals

From my previous NBA Finals post, you already know that I love basketball and the Orlando Magic. What you didn’t know, was that at the beginning of the season, I told Reena that we would head down to Florida for a game if the Orlando Magic made it to the finals. I quickly threw plans together and we headed down for Game 5 and also meet up with MarketLeverage and Clickbooth while we were in Florida. Even though the Magic lost the series, and the Lakers trophy ceremony was at the game we attended, it was still an amazing trip and event to attend!

The first night we arrived in Orlando, we met up with Dina Riccobono, Erick Bright and his wife for dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy restruant. This place was amazing and had excellent food. It was great to meet up with my friends from MarketLeverage again, and without the stress of a conference type of envoirnment, we were able to relax and talk about how all of us got started in the industry. Dina and the ML team were also awesome enough to grab me the two tickets for the Orlando Magic Finals game! 😛

Sunday was the big game day. For any of you that were watching the game, the Orlando Magic showed some strength in the first quarter… then just slacked off and got beat up by the Lakers for the rest of the game. We’ll see what happens next year… Even without the Magic winning the game, the envoirment of the Finals and excitement of the game was amazing. The arena was packed with Lakers fans and throughout the whole game, the cheering and yelling was so loud, you couldn’t even hear the whistle!

After the game, Reena and I headed to downtown Orlando to meet up with Eric Schechter from ClickBooth. The next day Eric drove us both down to Sarasota to ClickBooth headquarters and meet the ClickBooth team. Everyone we met at ClickBooth was awesome. During the course of the day, we went to CB headquarters, had lunch at a nice marina restruant, dinner at an amazing steakhouse, played some basketball and even went over to John Lemp’s house to close out the trip.

Just like MarketLeverage, ClickBooth went out of their way, and covered our airline tickets and the hotel (Hotel Indigo, which is excellent!) we stayed at while in Sarasota. Both companies made us feel really welcomed the whole time, and that’s what really makes the difference in this industry. It’s always great to meet up with individuals and companies you are working with online. This industry is like no other, and is the best there. Not only do we have business parties, conferences and the ability to work from home… but we all love what we do so much!

Here’s to the continuing growth of affiliate marketing!

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  1. Hey Zac – It was great finally meeting you and Reena in person! I had a great time showing guys around Sarasota, playing basketball, and getting to know both of you a little bit better.

    I'll see you at Affiliate Summit and you better be ready for our next face-off! haha 😛

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  2. That's supercool. I like all the images special the last cartoon one. I hope you've enjoyed you trip MR. Super Affiliate

    <abbr>SEO Blog’s last blog post..How to check for No-Follow and Do-Follow blog</abbr>

  3. Sorry the Magic lost, but glad we were able to see you guys! Hopefully we can get some more excitement going in Florida and have you and Reena visit more often!

  4. Looks like you had fun! 🙂 I sure would like to meet some folks from ML and CB 🙂

    <abbr>Dino’s last blog post..BriefCase Joe – Eminem and Jimmy Kimmel</abbr>

  5. Wow you went to a magic's game! Nice. Sounds like it was a good time. It sucks that they got beat by the Lakers though, but oh well what are you are going to do …. Its always fun watching a live game anyways, even if your favorite team does not win.


  6. Dina is truly one of a kind. And I'm sure Erick is cool too but I've worked more with Dina than anyone else at ML so I'm speaking on experience.

    Let me start making six figures monthly and then we'll see if they're take me to a Magic game… against the Celtics lol…

    Btw Zac, who won your NBA jersey contest thing?


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  7. That's a pretty cool experience you had Zach, must be fun being treated like a VIP especially receiving a free flight and hotel, that's when you know you've done something right 🙂

    Till then,


  8. Oh, I am so jealous! That is great that you got to see a Finals game — I only wish the series had gone a bit longer. I was cheering for Orlando too, and while Game 5 started out well it sure did end with a thud. Sounds like you had a great time anyway and I'm glad the loss didn't get you down. There's no shame in losing to the Lakers and if Hedo re-signs the Magic could be there again next year!

  9. Wow, I know you had a blast, I was at the Lakers finals a few years ago at Staples center and its very exciting.

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  10. Mate that is awesome! I could only wish of being like you one day.

    Glad you had a nice time and unlucky about loosing the Finals.

  11. Is that Dina from Market Leverage?

    I never imagine that she is that hot!

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  12. @Jay- You're on Jay! If you hit 6 figures, a Magic game is the least we can do.

    And thanks for the kind words everyone, I'm blushing!

  13. Lakers won!!!I bet you had fun in the Florida sun.

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  14. I'm jealous that you were there watching the final game. When I get the money I definitely want to hit up some professional sports finals. It's even better when someone else pays for it.

  15. Love Florida, been 3 times, I live in the UK so don't get the luxery of heading when ever I can.

    Look forward to heading to Florida again with family in 2011 🙂

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