MySpace to Buy Photobucket

Looks like MySpace is going to buy Photobucket, as reported by CNNMoney. Photobucket has been giving MySpace a run for it’s money in the image and file hosting area. So much, that a few weeks ago MySpace enabled their site to block out all videos hosted by Photobucket. (MySpace has their own video uploading service through the site). According to Marketingvox, Photobucket currently serves 3 billion online images for 41 million members and accounts for 40 percent of all photo-sharing content. If MySpace is to pickup Photobucket, this will only make their circulation of traffic and online presence even larger. I’m sure all the Photobucket users will either “love” or “hate” the news…

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  1. So many crazy things are going on in the online world. I can't wait to see who is on top in 10 years from now. Or if there is even going to be a thing called the internet in 10 years. There might be something bigger and better.

  2. the first thing i thought when you could have photo albums on myspace was that they were trying to compete with photobucket

    i never really got into myspace, and prefer photobucket. if myspace can buy photobucket, thatd be huge for them

  3. Everyone is buying everyone! Haha, that's crazy…this just shows how competitive every site is and the site's desire to be on top. It'll definitely be interesting to see what happens though…I use Photobucket sometimes but I really dislike MySpace.

  4. It's hard to believe how much money is in each of these sites. Nowadays people are just tossing around millions for sites.

    1. yeah, but they have to have some idea on how much they make… through ads or whatever they do to monetize their sites

  5. Seems like a very good move by myspace, it will definately compliment the site well. and I'm sure they have some big plans for it.

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