NBA Finals Contest: Magic vs. Lakers

Normally I wouldn’t post about sports, but my favorite NBA team, the Orlando Magic, are in the playoffs once again! It’s only been 15 years since they last (and first time) made the finals, and that was when they had Shaq. Now they have Superman 2.0 in Dwight Howard vs. the Laker’s “Black Mamba”, Kobe Bryant. The Lakers are heavily favored to win, but the Cavs were also heavily favored to destroy the Magic… and guess what happened!

Though I’m from NJ, I’ve always loved the Magic since I started watching basketball in 92, and went to my first game in Orlando in 95, then met Shaq and the whole team at a pub afterwards. I already got a few tickets to see the Magic play the 76ers in the first round, and I’m looking to make it down to Orlando for at least one of their home games during the finals.

I decided to throw together a quick contest for all of you NBA and sports fans out there to participate in. Simply post in the comments section, who you think will win the NBA Finals, in how many games, and the final score of the deciding game.

Your comment entry should look something like the following: (which is my official entry!)
Magic in 6 Games (110-76)

The entry with the closest correct answer, will win an authentic NBA player jersey of their choice, or a custom NBA jersey with your own Name and Number (any team). These run for $199.99 a piece at You may only enter once and must live within US or CANADA.

The deadline for entries is GAME 2, which takes place on June 7th.

NBA Finals Schedule is Below:

– Game 1: Thursday, June 4 – Orlando at L.A. – 9PM ET on ABC
– Game 2: Sunday, June 7 – Orlando at L.A. – 8PM ET on ABC
– Game 3: Tuesday, June 9 – L.A. at Orlando – 9PM ET on ABC
– Game 4: Thursday, June 11 – L.A. at Orlando – 9PM ET on ABC
– Game 5*: Sunday, June 14 – L.A. at Orlando – 8PM ET on ABC
– Game 6*: Tuesday, June 16 – Orlando at L.A. – 9PM ET on ABC
– Game 7*: Thursday, June 18 – Orlando at L.A. – 9PM ET on ABC

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  1. Lakers gonna win in 6 games with a final score of 101-87. You're welcomed to come to LA for the parade! hahaha Good Luck Sir!

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  2. Lakers in game 6 104 – 97

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    Go Lakers!!

  3. @@steveplunkett:

    haha, wow! we predicted the exact same score/game at the same time!

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    Go Lakers!!

  4. Split the first four games, Lakers win the last two and take the title 4-2.

  5. Lakers in 7 (102-98)

    @sports_enemy .. i want one of those Lakers colorway "There's Only One Magic" shirts!!

  6. Lakers in 6 (105 – 97)

    Lakers all the way baby! But major props to Orlando for handing Cleveland the door! Nice job!

  7. Orlando in 7 (98-87)

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  8. You have to let us know when you're in town. I'm going to try to get tickets to one of the games, in case I don't and you have a free minute, let Jen and I take you to dinner!

  9. Lakers in 6, final score: 108-94

    And man I am excited to go against you for these finals! Wish we could watch together to talk smack!

  10. Lakers in 6 (98-93)

    If Orlando continues to shoot well… Lakers are going to have some problems!!

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  11. Lakers in 5… 98-89…

    Personally, I would've rather seen Lebron versus Kobe though… πŸ˜› But I am a Dwight Howard fan…


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  12. Since the Celtics are no longer in it, basketball is over as far as I am concerned.

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  13. Lakers in 6 games (102-89)

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  14. Lakers in 6 102-92

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  15. Lakers in 6 (110-103)

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  16. Lakers in 6. 105 – 94

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  17. Lakers Game 5 94-90

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  18. True blue fan of Magic in here!

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  19. Lakers – Game 5 – 101-89

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  20. I'm not a Lakers fan, but I think they will win.

    Lakers in Game 5 (97-95)

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  21. What a fantastic opportunity πŸ™‚ I am going with Magic for making the comeback and picking up the championship with a Game 6 win (101-88)

    I know I am past the deadline… but just wanted to make my guess “just for fun” hehe.

    Till then,


  22. Well best of luck to those who are entered to win the contest, seems the close date is June 7th, and although the Magic are down… I am hoping they can pull off some magic and get a come back! We took Game 3, so it is a start, that’s for sure!

  23. Woohoo! I think I came the closest! Woohoo! How can I claim my winnings? Wait, I mean, when will the winners be officially announced? πŸ˜€


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  24. I'm happy that I at least picked the winner in the right number of games, not bad for someone who watches basketball a few times a year. Do I get a pity prize for 2nd? I don't really deserve the jersey anyway.

  25. I used to support the Seattle Supersonics. Damn franchises! ; )
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