Network and Grow Your Business with TweetUp Theme

Making serious money online is all about making connections. Linking up with successful people in your area, or that you can talk with over the phone or online is what it’s all about. Lately a lot of people have been building some serious partnerships and meeting new people by forming TweetUps. What once was focused on Twitter,has grown into something much more.

To help everyone start up their own TweetUps, Jermey Schoemaker has created the TweetUp WordPress Theme. What can the TweetUp theme do for you? In short, it’s a quick and easy way for people to organize TweetUps in their area and totally integrates with the Twitter and Google maps api. The true simplicity creating your own TweetUp is setting up your own functioning web site and TweetUp information, is as easy as uploading wordpress to your site, then installing the TweetUp theme. You don’t have to worry about any programming or Twitter api/user info.

There are currently two versions available for the TweetUp theme; Standard and Deluxe. With price points of $47 and $297, you will easily save in the long run when comparing TweetUp Theme versus other services like MeetUp, which costs around $250 per year. You’ll also be happy to know that 100% of the proceeds from TweetUp will go towards The Lincoln City People’s Missions charity.

For a quick over view on how TweetUp theme works, be sure to watch the short video below.

Create Your Own TweetUp with the TweetUp Theme.

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  1. Jeremy Schoemaker sure knows how to make a product. I still don't understand the point of using Twitter without an already large source of traffic from somewhere else. I have never thought Twitter to be a traffic source after all.

  2. and also i dont understand. how twitter is going grow up without huge advertisement…

  3. Looks very interesting. I am going to have to check this one out now…

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