Networking Your Way to the Top!

Efficient networking. Zac asked me to write a post to help you guys with networking.

Just to give you my street credibility, this past weekend I was invited to Epic Direct Networks Playboy Mansion party, where I got to hang out with their new CEO Art,
and some of the biggest baller affiliate marketers in the world, and of course all my new bunny friends!

So to make this easy, I am simply going to teach you my biggest secret to network your way to the top.

It is so obvious and simple, that when you hear it you will know of course that is what you should do, but without it, you can literally waste an entire life of networking,
only to listen to beginners, braggers and salespeople, who know little more than you do.

Whenever I hit a new field, whether it was as a chiropractor, the internet industry, or any industry I have decided to dominate, I follow this pattern.

I start of by going to an event in that field, or reading about that field online. As soon as you hit the comments button online, technically you are in the world of networking.

At a conference or event, I will strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone. Don’t assume that the cool guy with the crowd around him is the one who knows, he
may simply be the one who is the most likable, but not the guy with the most important information.

So I will talk to the sales guy at the booth, the old guy sitting alone at lunch, the young kid, whoever. At some point in the conversation I will ask them whose opinion do they respect in
whatever subject I am interested in.

Example Script:

Me: So dude, whose advice do you respect in the field of rapping about internet marketing?
Dude: Ummm…I kinda once heard Shoemoney lays down some pretty mean lines.
Me: Right on dude!

I then go find this shoemoney character and then ask him.

Me: So Shoemoney, I hear you are a rapper about internet marketing.
Shoemoney: Well… um… I did do a song about the Shoemoney System once, but it was a joke.
Me: Oh, well, who do you respect in rapping about internet marketing?
Shoemoney: Seriously? Why Rob Hustle, he is the man.

So now I go off and find Rob Hustle.

Me: So I hear you are an expert in Internet Marketing rapping?
Rob Hustle: Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Beat! You rock now, gonna spin you a rhyme you can’t top now.
Making money down the middle, while the middle sleep. Make a million dolla’s while the rest is countin sheep.*

Me: Wow, I finally found THE guy.
* This horrific rhyme was written by me and not Rob. LOL

Rob Hustle Living it Up at the Playboy Mansion

Then I will start with some other average guy in the industry, and keep working my way up to the top expert in that field.

Usually what happens is you keep doing this and keep ending up with the top one or two experts At that point I am pretty sure
I found the top.

If you want to hear and see a few stories on how I do this, more detail, a hot girl and a killer ocean shot, go check out the video I made on this.

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  1. Words of wisdom for sure. I love the playboy party incentive. You network right, you get to hang with the bunnies. And that rap wasn't horrific, it was fabulous!

    Seriously though I'm glad you're putting out all of this information so I don't have to waste my time on doing it wrong. Thanks!

    1. Great idea by Epic/Azoogle. No one else competes with such a great idea, or receives so much promotion from it afterwards.

  2. Rob Hustle is the man! I wish I could have some of those bunnies at my side right now. Hahaha…

    I agree that networking can put you on top. The more people who will follow you, the better your site will perform.

    Good job on being on top!

  3. I am having sooo much fun shooting the videos…

    …probably the same amount of fun as Rob Hustle is having in that last picture 😛

  4. Networking is the model I live by and make it an everyday thing in my life. I look for people in the industry and get to know them just like I'm talking with some old guy in the park.

    "TrafficColeman "Signing Off"

  5. @Rob:

    Not exactly ridiculous – just a thinly-disguised selling job. Apparently you can be SO famous and recognized through networking that you don't even need a byline on a guest post like this. I guess you just have to click through to the videos and see how long it takes to get bored who it is and what they're selling.

    1. The videos DK has put together as a freevresource have been entertaining, time consuming and worth the time it takes to watch them. If DK wasn't awesome atvwhat he did, he wouldn't get to the playboy mansion or deserve this guest post.

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