It’s Never Too Late to Start a Business

When you see someone like Mark Zuckerberg in the news and how he’s created one of the largest companies in the world and is now worth billions of dollars, it can be quite upsetting for anyone who is currently 30 years or older. Then again, there are plenty of mobile app developers and entrepreneurs in their 20s or even teenage years that have sold businesses for millions!

The bottom line is that you can’t like the ‘out of ordinary’ success of others bring you down or make you second question your potential for success.

Recently there was an article in Entrepreneur that talked about the different ages of very successful people and when they first found success. The interesting thing about many of them was that not only were they in their 30s, but what they were previously working on had nothing to do with what made them successful.

I’ve listed a few of them for you below, along with the full infographic from Anna Vital.

  • Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks Owner – Until 24 he was a bartender at his own bar
  • Suze Orman, Finance Guru – She was a waitress until the age of 30
  • Harrison Ford, Actor – A carpenter until he was in his 30s
  • J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter Author – A single mom on welfare until 31

Too Old Entrepreneur Infographic

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  1. Ryan Biddulph – security guard until he was 33. Has traveled the world while making money online since lol! I look at guys like Abe Lincoln. I’m more famous than he, at 38, and I’m just getting started 😉 Loved the post Zac. Go for it guys at ANY age!

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