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Last month was the first time I hit $10,000 in earnings with NeverBlueAds. I was pretty excited and looking to do the same, if not more the following month. I was able to push past the $10,000 mark because I added some new PPC campaigns to my arsenal. Once you start making money in PPC, you can pretty much start making money in any niche, it just takes a decent amount of time, work and dedication. Last month my NeverBlueAds earnings ended up at $8,533. Unfortunately it was the first drop I had as an affiliate with NeverBlueAds, but it was slightly expected.

In August, when I was able to push $10,000 in commissions through the network, I was doing quite we will one of the campaigns. During that time there were a few days that this campaign was down for tracking issues. Through September the same offer was down around a week. Instead of dealing with the offer not tracking correctly, NeverBlueAds had just pulled the offer, so there wouldn’t be any lost commissions or angry affiliates. Since the offer wasn’t available for a decent percentage of the month, so was a decent percentage of my revenue for the month. I was not angry with NeverBlueAds, as all possible ads were tracked and any downtime was credited for. It was just unfortunate that the tracking campaign on the advertisers end was a bit tricky.

More than anything else, this is just a reminder that you never know what the next month may bring. If you are working in the PPC area, make sure you have your hands in enough campaigns, if one of them should go down or if the offer dies out. Everything is up and running normally again with NeverBlueAds and I’m looking to push a few more of their campaigns through PPC as the month goes on. Increasing earnings to over $10,000 a month is not an issue with NeverBlueAds, it’s simply a matter of effort and time put into your campaigns. I would love to focus on my PPC campaigns more, but I have so many projects and ideas in the works. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could "copy" and "paste" a few of ourselves so we could get more work done!?

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    1. I bought some lousy arcade site through SitePoint almost two years ago. They showed revenue numbers and traffic to back up/sell the site, but apparently it wasn't true. I shelled out $2k for the site, but never made anything off of it. I also had a custom site of my own once, but never got to focus on it.

    1. I believe what he means is advertising through PPC to get traffic for his neverblue cpa leads. So he would write an ad for google search or yahoo search and then it would take the visitor to his landing page where he puts his cpa offer to get them to sign up.

      1. I am currently trying that but .. iam loosing money,

        no one signs up on my landing pages, I think iam doing some thing wrong, does any one have any good tips

  1. I noticed you have some neverblueads creatives on your myspace sites – get alot of money from that? (i am from the IQ forums).

    Also you say "earnings", do you mean pure profit by that or not?

  2. that is some good earnings there my friend..I tried to apply for neverblueads, but it seems they don't accept international ? true or not, i am not sure..

    1. Yes they dont accept international affiliate, I've tryed to apply for them, and I was rejected..

      1. NeverblueAds does accept international affiliates but they must be able to speak on the phone with one of our reps and tell them how they plan to advertise our programs.

        If an affiliate can't speak english or if they sound sketchy they probably won't be accepted. We get too much fraud from international countries to allow people in that can't properly explain to us what they do.

        1. Due to the difference in time zone and technical problem I was unable to contact NeverBlueAds via phone. I am from Malaysia BTW. Then I emailed them back if they could contact me instead on certain time, but got no reply so far.

      2. that's not always the case. I am from China, and they accept it.

        I think the key is you need to have an English web site which targets at US/Candada visitors.

    1. Before I was doing any PPC, all revenue from NeverBlueAds was pretty much all profit. It really depends on the campaigns. I wouldn't really want to run campaigns if they were bringing in less than 50% margins.

  3. Good job Zac! Pretty impressive with having a week of downtime for the one offer. It looks like you would have surpassed your last month.

    I too really want to get more into affiliate marketing using ppc and such but I haven't been able to find enough real and solid info and help out there yet. Ebooks are usually crap, blogs usually don't give out the real tips or assume everyone already knows all the steps and no one ever wants to show their real landing pages, real ppc campaigns with details or the real grit of how it works. So although I pick up tips and inspiration from blogs like yours Zac, I only end up losing money and still no idea which part is causing the loss.

    What would be great is if someone would post an interactive series with how to setup a real world campaign with real details and stats, all the basic steps and such. Then those noobs like me that can only seem to lose money might be able to really learn how it's done right and could use it to eventually set up their own actual profitable campaigns.

    Zac, you're already a hero but if you did something like that you would be a god for some of us lol ;). I'd even be willing to chip in cash to to pay for a campaign…I mean I am just throwing money away now anyway lol…not that I have a lot to spare.

    Regardless, great job on another great month! Really inspiring even if it ends up making me lose a ton trying to figure out how to do it on my own heheh.

    1. Thanks for the in depth post. I understand your frustration with ebooks promising the world and secrets to online marketing or ppc… only to give you basic information which is already outdated and now available from blogs who actually care.

      In closing… ask and you shall receive!

      1. I think I signed up for NeverBlue under you zac, is there anyway for you to check? And if I didnt, does that come with any additional tips? After all the more revenue I create the more you create as well right?

  4. Zac you keep to be doing so well with Never Blue Ads. I use it as well but unfortunately for me … most of my traffic is not in the US so i seem not to be making so much …. sad for me huh 🙁

    1. NeverBlueAds has a lot of offers that accept US and other countries. Try offers like Zwinkys, Smileys and search on others. I know they accept 3-5 other countries.

  5. NeverBlueAds accept international affiliates.

    I am from Ukraine and have affiliate account with NB.

  6. Zac, do you promote 'credit card required' offers and, if yes, is any advantage, comparing with free offers?

      1. So, you focus on the free sign up that generally have a 1 st page form submit kinda thing? That is where I feel comfortable right now. I feel that if I can get the somewhat targeted traffic to a page like that I can get a conversion.

  7. This is all pretty interesting that you make that much from NeverBlueAds. I have never really made any serious money CPA, but i do know it all depends on the site. Do you use Dealdotcom?

    1. I bought a product off DealDotCom before, but never sold anything through it. I'm also an affiliate of theirs, but never tried to push the program.

  8. Hey Zac! great numbers!

    Just wondering how you manage all your campaigns. do you use something like OpenAds to rotate banners across all your sites?

    I'd like to have some idea about how you've structured your network of sites, how do you manage it, how do you go about testing changes?

    1. Pretty simple. I have certain locations on the sites that are run with .txt files. I simply change the .txt file and it will universally change throughout the whole site. Kind of archaic, but works.

      1. Hey Zac, could you elaborate on your .txt file change, what do you mean by that? Thanks.

        1. If you place a tag that says:

          <! –#include file="textfilename.txt"– >

          on any web pages and have them as a .shtml, you can change the content on the textfilename.txt and it will dynamically change throughout your sites.

  9. Oh man! Thanks for the reminder. NeverBlueAds emailed me about 2 weeks ago asking me to call them to verify my affiliate status & I almost forgot about it. I'll call by today.

  10. I just signed up for the NeverBlueAds. I was suprized to find they actually will call you on the phone to verify your account. This is my first time to your site. You would mind pointing me to your best post as far as learning about how to get started with the PPC afiliate marketing?

  11. Zac,

    Are you pushing your offers via websites, or PPC? If PPC, what networks are you buying traffic from? Also.. are you getting more leads via PPC or websites?


  12. NeverBlueAds does accept international affiliates but they must be able to speak on the phone with one of our reps and tell them how they plan to advertise our programs.

    If an affiliate can’t speak english or if they sound sketchy they probably won’t be accepted. We get too much fraud from international

  13. How much do you spend on adwords campaigns? I know you said you expect a 50% margin or better, but realistically how much should one invest in keywords? Would you still expect a 50% margin if you were only spending a few hundred a month or do you need a lot more exposure for low signup rates?

    I have been researching these affiliate deals recently and still seem confused. I just don't want to lose a few thousand dollars just testing things out..

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