NeverBlueAds Tops Google on Gift Giving

Last week Google started the gift giving with a 2 Gig USB Flash Drive & a $100 Donation card, this week NeverBlueAds brought the gift giving to another level with an awesome gift basket full of candies, cookies, chocolates, NeverBlueAds labeled slippers, blanket, fireplace dvd and more! I work with a lot of networks and it’s always nice to see which actually take the time and effort to recognize their affiliates at the end of the year! Props to NeverBlueAds! Unless I get a load of packages this week, this year has been quite slow on gifts and cards from companies. I’m not surprised, as I’ve seen a big decrease in rewards/gifts sent out year after year. I remember when PostMasterDirect used to send out $100 Tiffany pens and huge gifts around Christmas time… I haven’t received anything from them in years! It sucks when small personable companies get bought out and become corporate, once this happens you almost lose your identity as a friend and become a number among numbers. When it comes down to business, I would rather work with people I trust and that WANT to keep in touch with me, than fool around with another network or company for a few extra bucks.

If you haven’t joined NeverBlueAds yet, why not? I’m looking forward to having an awesome record breaking year with NeverBlueAds in 2008. Next year you might just receive an awesome gift package from one of the few companies that still seems to send out quality gifts each year! It’s getting down to crunch time! I know NeverBlueAds sent out a bunch of Holiday cards to affiliates… have you received anything else this year?

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  1. Those cards weren't personally signed. If you look close they all signed one card and had it printed on all the cards. It was nice to get a card from them, though =)

      1. I didnt read the last lines of this post. It is printed but a nice gesture nonetheless. It's all Ive gotten this year.

        Maybe we were naughty?

    1. I hear is one of the hottest offers out there, I haven't tried too hard, but I also haven't made any money on that one. Must be a niche market on this one.

  2. Wow nice. Always the twisted "celeb" thing where the "rich" are the ones that get all the free stuff even though they are the ones that can afford it lol. But if anyone deserves love from neverblueads, it's you Zac. You have been pushing them and pumping them up for quite some time and I'm personally glad you did. Although I'm far from 10k month, I am excited and motivated to get there eventually lol.

    And funny how little gifts like that make you more motivated that even the real money you actually make heheh. I didn't earn enough to get noticed by them this year but I did get a card so at least they know my name lol. Still nothing from google 🙁

  3. "It sucks when small personable companies get bought out and become corporate, once this happens you almost lose your identity as a friend and become a number among numbers."

    This is true. But there are a select few that still "get it" and even when owned by a big company still take the time to have a personal touch.

    Awesome Gift Basket!

    – Tevin

  4. Iron your shirt ya' bum. See what success does to people??

    Seriously though, looks like some nice goodies you have there. I can't wait to get gifts from companies!

  5. Neverblueads has been awesome to us, we just finished a contest sponsored by them where they put up 300$ in cash.

    For those lowly affiliates that aren't making truckloads of cash from them, we did get a very nice christmas card from them signed by the entire staff. Thats the only thing I've received this year 🙂

  6. I am starting to not Like NeverBlue, I get bunch of clicks but no leads, I think i am getting rip off. they must like you zac lol

  7. How much do they pay you to shill their network 24/7? every single post here is neverblue this neverblule that

    its getting tired aready

  8. Hi Zac,

    My gift through neverblue ads must of got lost in post – only joking.

    Thanks for getting me onboard with neverblueads, this month(1st month), only made $21 so far, as still learning but hopefully next year will be better.



  9. Hey Zac,

    Thats a nice basket. The shirt rocks too. A little loud for such a nice fellow 🙂

    Seriously though, all I got was a card which I am content with because I use

    over a dozen different networks, I think my main problem is not focusing on a

    smaller amount of networks however, since I mainly use search it works out

    for me. Also, got the shirt you sent man. I'll try to get a pic of it up later.

    Got to love haters. Maybe if the dude above me stop worrying about what other people wrote and thought for himself for once, he might get a little further in life. Maybe if you were working your ass off and making this type of money, you would be compelled to recommend their services as well. You don't like it, don't read Zac's blog. He probably much rather have people take realistic advice from someone making their living online and at least he was cool enough to let you know who he was doing it with…

  10. Hi Zac,

    I signed up with NeverBlue several weeks ago, and so far I have earned about $450. So far so good!


  11. Those are some great gifts! 😀 I've received some nice packages from some networks.

    One was a gift basket full of gift cards! It ended up being about $150 in gift cards! It was awesome! 🙂

    I love this business.

  12. It sure must be a nice experience being a super affiliate. I've heard some people got a mini refrigerator from Google…

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