New Ad Spots & Looking for New Advertisers

Written by Zac Johnson
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As this blog continues to grow in size and exposure, so does the need for a new site design. Soon we will see an new with not only a much better look and feel, but a much better navigation setup and even more resources. Along with the new blog design, will come a few advertiser spots. If you are interested in advertising on the new, please use the contact page and I will be in touch with you on availability and rates. With this new source of revenue, I will look to heavily promote this blog across other blogs and setup some campaigns to promote through some pay per click marketing. Over the next several months, traffic and subscribers to this blog will heavily increase. Any sites/blogs who advertise on will be grandfathered in at their original rate, as prices will increase as does the site’s traffic.

Here is what you can be looking forward to with the new blog re-design:
Several New Network Reviews
Zac’s Recommended Money Makers
   (statements & checks of paying companies)
Free T-Shirt Giveaways, Rewards to Top Commentators
More Test Marketing of New Programs & Affiliate Networks
Monthly Recap on Earnings & Advertiser’s Sites / Programs

Ad spots available on the new blog design will be 125×125 and 120×600. Please send your web site and contact information through the contact page.

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10 Replies to “New Ad Spots & Looking for New Advertisers”

  1. I stopped by in the middle of last night and think I caught a sneak peek of the new design. Pretty slick, makes much better use of your space above the fold. Did you design it yourself or hire someone?

  2. Hmm,

    – Zac’s Recommended Money Makers
    (statements & checks of paying companies)
    – Free T-Shirt Giveaways, Rewards to Top Commentators

    Are you modeling your blog on Shoemoney’s concept? But that’s a good model to follow, so I don’t blame you.

    1. Everything you listed is already part of this blog already, it will just be more consistent and featured now. ShoeMoney has "Free T-Shirt Friday" where he shows I shirt, I give them away…

  3. – Free T-Shirt Giveaways, Rewards to Top Commentators

    There were a few tshirt giveaways I never received already 🙁

    1. At least you got one. I didn't even see it.

      Zac, I sent you an email, hopefully you got it and it didn't end up in the Spam folder by accident.

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